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Behind the Scenes

Jonathan reveals some mishaps that took place behind the scenes.

4th Photo Shoot
“You’ll have to do some reflecting” was the e-mail we received about our shoot in the morning.  We were all certain it would involve mirrors.

Got to our location to see Nicole and Michael (Tyson’s stand-in whilst he was in London for the week), told us we would be posing in front of a mirror.

In the hair chair, the main hair stylist’s assistant was chatting away to me then out of nowhere I felt clippers rubbing up the side of my head! She had started to cut my hair into a Mohawk without permissions from the production team! AHH!!

So one side of my head is super short leading into a major hair step in my head. She was not meant to do this! Great, photo shoot with crap hair. So the hair got evened up a little bit but still doesn’t look good.

So into the mirrored room … actually we got some great shots. I’m able to cry on cue (call it acting practice), so my pics came out well.

4th Runway
This was our beautiful freak shoot. Some miscommunication arose from our brief in the morning whereby we all thought it had to be a performing arts effort more than a catwalk. We were very wrong. Our outfits and makeup were amazing and we even got colored contact lenses to wear! I don’t wear them usually so the thought of jamming my finger into my eye sounded as inviting as dinner with an axe murderer. But I got over it and they looked really cool. 

My walk seemed to go pretty well and even though it was way over the top the judges didn’t seem too upset with me. So coupled with my mirror photo shoot I got immunity. Wahoo!

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