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Dude, Just Be A Model

Find out why Nicole got mad at everyone this week.

This week the models had to work with animals, and then they did a refined country look on the catwalk. We'll go through each model. First there's Branden. How he's doing?

I think he's doing great. He was really funny on this episode because he was so scared of the bull, which was really unexpected from him. He did a good job. He needs to work on his posture. Other than that he's good. I thought it was so funny how the trainer took away his bacon. He made me fall in love with bacon.

It seems like the guys are eating poorly, but it doesn’t seem to affect them.

Branden looks like he has naturally good genes. Sandhurst has big thighs and he's a dancer and all that, but did you see the size of that cereal bowl? I cannot believe he was eating that. Come on, man.

What about Sandhurst? He didn't get the go-see because he couldn't really fit the jeans.

I'm sure he can tone down a bit. I don't think anyone's really addressed it because his body is so ripped.

He used to be stronger on runway with bad pictures, but now that's reversed.

I agree with Harry Josh about how he has his eyes closed on the runway and he just looks really, really tired and bored. I feel like he could use a bit more energy and in his photos he's been taking advice well and he's stopped being such a performer. He's relaxed. When I first saw him he came off as really commercial to me.

What about Jonathan?

Jonathan is doing really great and the only thing he really needs to work on is his arms with his walk. He looks like a classic model. He's doing well. He owned it this week. It was cool to see him in his element. He was graceful and not cocky about it.

What about Mountaha?

She had a little trouble with the calf she worked with. I felt really bad for it. I just wanted to jump in there and save it. It's hard when you work with an animal because you know you can't speak to them, but they do see your energy. She had a really anxious energy about it. That made it hard. Sandhurst was with the same animal and he did it brilliantly. Mountaha just needs to be sometimes and realize what's going on around her. She needs to get into her surroundings a little more. That would have worked for her.

Have you worked with a lot of animals before?

Yeah. Tons. But it's hard, you know? I've worked with Rottweilers and tons of different animals. Some of them are really hard to control. I did this work for Cartier and we had poodles and dalmatians walking down the runway and they were just walking all over the place. Why would you do this? These dogs just can't walk straight. I'm walking down a runway. You kind of just have to work with it.

What about Salome? She was kind of in her element.

Salome. She did a great job. I was proud of her. Salome's a photographer's dream. She works the camera and she's really inspiring and creative. I don't know one photographer who has said something really bad about her and that's a really good trait to have as a model. Sometimes when you're in front of the camera people freeze and that's not something you can work on. She's just natural in front of the lens. I think she did a good job this week.

What about Jordan?

I didn't really think much about Jordan this week. She's a great model. I don't have anything good or bad to say. I'm kind of neutral.

What about Amanda? She was criticized for being too sexy.

She was too sexy. I was really wary of that in the beginning when she first came in. It was funny because I remember how she was telling CJ that she was porn star. What she did, that's a different kind of model search.

Finally we have Colin, who went home.

That's a damn shame.

Tyson said you got mad at him.

I got mad at everyone. I was like, "What are you doing? You have to bring him back!" It's a damn shame, man. I wish that something clicked in him, because he's like mimicking being a model. Dude, just be one!

Do you think he could improve over time?

Yeah, for sure. When he sees himself differently. When you watch yourself on TV you get a different view. Different people realize their bad habits in different way. If you watch yourself, you get it.

Who are the biggest threats at this point?

I think Jonathan is very consistent. He's a threat. It's really hard to say though.

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