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Out of My Comfort Zone

Salome talks about her two wins and her fight with Laury.

Gabriel the humorist is gone.
We get to a club/bar in the Lower East Side. It's empty except the four of us.
Tyson and Nicole tell us we are doing a shoot inspired by the '60s. the Killers, etc. I'm trying to remember what I know about that time. I think it was the hippie experimental time of drugs? I'm not exactly sure. Oh wait. I see that comp card box. We are gonna be in pairs! Everybody is not excited at all. Because we aren't judged individually I feel people get benefits from the judges they don't deserve. Like Kerryn winning immunity only in group photos. I don't know if she deserves it. Also you don't get your best photo; it is the best group photo and you may look weak and get put in the bottom four like in the sport shoot. Moving on. I pray I get a good partner. Branden picks Sandhurst, Jonathan - Jordan, Collin - Kerryn, that means I will work with Mountaha, Laury, or Amanda. Mountaha and I are praying to work together. I want the twins to work in a team! She is the next to pick. She picks me! Laury and Amanda work together. Laury can't stand Amanda. Going down! Oh yea there is a catch: double elimination this week.

We meet our photographer Roxanne. She is very calm and soft spoken with sparkling eyes and a sweet smile. I'm excited to work with her. She tells us she likes to capture moments. She thinks life is a party and she wants us to have fun with the shoot and not be "posey."
We go back to get styled by a lady Rebecca who's styled Jessica Simpson, Paris Hilton, and Sex and the City. Mountaha is so awesome! She is describing the '60s lifestyle so I can imagine it and we can be the two hot confident high party girls that are going to steal the show! I am a hair nervous because two are going home. I have a quarter of a chance I could go home. NO way!

My makeup makes me look like Twiggy and Mountaha looks like Agnes B. I watch the other shoot before me. Jordan and Jonathan do so well I don't know if we an top it. I start getting in my head. Mountaha tries to teach me a couple steps to disco dancing it's kinda like weird jumping jacks!

It's our turn. We go out. Roxanne shows us a picture of two guys making goofy faces chilling on the ground. W are in the '60s hanging in a bar. We get a cigarette and holder for Mountaha and a drink for me.

As the shoot goes along I get nervous because EVERYONE wants more energy and I feel like I'm giving as much as I can sitting on the ground with a drink in my hand and looking natural. I don't know exactly the vision. So Mountaha and I pretend to be flirting and checking out guys.
Roxanne's assistant comes out and says we took 200 something shots. That many. Mountaha asks, "Did we get it?" She says, "Oh yea, we had it at 150 shots." So either we did really well and she didn't want to stop, or we were not giving her what she was looking for and she kept going.

I still have a cold and don't feel great so I nap until the rest are done. Tyson comes and sits down and starts talking to us. There is so much I don't know I could listen to him talk for hours! I get the feeling he thinks Sandhurst is gonna win. I want to prove him wrong!  Tonight I feel really blessed to be here and really down about my day! Weird combination.

Nicole brings our books. I see Jonathan and Jordan's picture. It is very '60s and great. My heart sinks when I see my picture. Mountaha is connecting with the camera amazingly. I am sitting there looking off a little buzzed. My body looks good but my face is low energy! Uh-oh! Judges please like it!

Phone rings I answer and put on my speaker. Cory asks to speak tooo ... Salome!!! I am so shocked, I put the phone on speaker to my ear. I can't talk and my mouth hangs open. Because Mountaha was my partner and great friend I pick her to go with me to Elie Tahari. I'm gonna get this I have to! Goes well. They think I'm beautiful but too tall and premature for the campaign. I will make them change their minds, someday soon!

Cory comes right before we get home to measure us. I lose 1.5" inches on my boobs and half an inch on my butt. Fat moves soo slowly. I work out and practice my walk till 11:45 because tomorrow two people are going. I get up and work out. Tyson and Nicole tell us today's runway is based on fashion that takes any object and turns it into couture in less than four minutes. It is a fashion war today. We will be walking in teams but compete with our partner from the photo shoot. Like any modeling job we are to be the best. We are each assigned a designer. Mine is Kelly, very calm and cool.

We get slicked back hair. Cecilia, the hair dresser, tells Kerryn she can't go outside because it will f**k up her hair. So she cries and whines. The poor makeup artist now has to be a psychiatrist! I believe Kerryn is perhaps losing her stamina and her brain and that means ... How well can she do competing? I have no clue who will be going home. Kerryn has f**ked so she is going home.

Laury's runway was awful and she didn't stand out to them so she is going home.
I win immunity.

When Laury comes to the back I go to hug her as she walks in she brushes me off sort of bitchy-like. I figure she is upset because she is going home. So I give her space. She is hugging everyone. I stand up to hug her and she says "Salome I will hug you but I don't really want to." I'm shocked. Don't do anything you don't want to. She goes on to tell me I'm fooling people in the house. I'm fooling the judges but I'm not fooling her. I'm confused and I get heated for a minute. I figure she is just angry because I won immunity and she is going home. She believes she has more potential, she even believes she is going to be the next Victoria's Secret model. LOL. She's got a great body but not that great. I liked Laury but I guess the feeling isn't mutual.

The whole cultural difference thing makes this living in such close quarters thing difficult. She apparently things I'm fake because I am nice to somebody but when they get on my nerves sometimes I will talk about it. I get over it and when I see them I want to get to know them better to try to see where and what I can learn. Give them another chance and see where they or I need to grow. She sees it as fake that I want critique from judges even though yes it is painful. How else am I to grow or know what they are thinking?

I'm here to learn and I'm definitely learning how to relate to people or leaning how other people react to situations.

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