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People's Revolution

Jordan talks about her successful go-see.

It’s going to be scary so hold your breath, huh? I think everyone guessed that it was time for our underwater shoot. I was feeling pretty good because I pretty much grew up in a pool. I was feeling scared for Salome because she never learned how to swim, and she was deathly afraid of water. Once we met our photographer and found out we’d be posing in nets, it was time to practice sinking. I had no problem with the sinking exercise because I don’t float very well. I tend to just naturally sink into water. Once we finished sinking, it was time for hair and makeup. So I’m finally done getting ready for the shoot and all I want to do is get into the warm water so I don’t have to stand in this freezing cold anymore. Howard, our photographer, was so nice … a little too nice. Going underwater and posing was so weird. At one point, Howard wanted me to look horrified, so all I did was hold my breath so long that I thought I was going to die, and it naturally put a horrified look on my face.

So Nicole comes to the house the next day to reveal the pictures. I was a little nervous to see my picture because Howard was so nice to everyone about their shoots, that no one knew if they did well or not. Cory calls to announce the winner, and it’s me! I was pretty surprised. Two photo shoot wins! I decided to take Salome with me to the go-see because she totally rocked the shoot and never complained. It must have been so hard for her, but she did it quickly with a smile on her face. I guess a lot of people felt like I didn’t deserve to win the shoot, but those people are just sore losers, so poo on them! I had a go-see to get ready for!

So Salome and I get in our awesome Escalade and head on over to our destination: People's Revolution, to meet with Robin. I was really hoping I booked the job just so I could show everyone that I can go out and be a successful model. So we arrive at People's Revolution and meet Robin. Robin was pretty intimidating, and wanted us to change into the clothes fast.  I tried three outfits and walked. I felt pretty good. Once we finished, I found out I booked the job.  I was so excited. I was totally speechless. I couldn’t wait to rock the catwalk so I could win immunity and make this week absolutely amazing.

Catwalk time! I’m excited again because we have another normal catwalk. Yay! So gowns for the girls, suits for the guys … pretty basic. When my walk is all said and done, I get to stay on stage. I was a little nervous to hear what the judges would say because you never know what they will say. So I got good feedback from everyone but Perou hated my walk. I’ll find a way to make Perou like my walk … maybe. I feel pretty good after this catwalk, and I’m ready for next week. As for Gabe going home, I think it was his time. He was a good model, but he just couldn’t let go for some of these shoots. What can you do?!

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