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Wrong Decision

Chris reveals who he think should have gone home instead of him.

The next day, I found out that we were going to our second photo shoot. When the models got into the studio, Tyson and Nicole and I were waiting to tell us about what we would be doing.  I was told this week was all about candy, and today our outfits for the shoot would be made entirely of candy! I was really excited because again, I had never done a photo shoot that was anything like this before. The objective of this photo shoot was to embody the type of candy that was chosen for us. My candy was sprinkles, more specifically, a yellow sprinkle. I was excited to see how the hair and makeup team was going to create my look.

The first thing I did was strip down, so that the artists could work with my body and begin creating this “candy couture” look. My hair was pulled back extremely tight and one of the hair stylists started slathering my entire head in what felt like a sticky paste, almost like Vaseline.  My first thought after my excitement was “Oh my God, how am I going to get all this out of my hair later?” Of course, my second thought was “Who cares.” After my head was covered in goo, it was then showered in sprinkles! It was such a cool idea. I had never even seen anyone do that before so already I loved my preferred candy. 

My whole body was then painted yellow and I mean everything — my hands, nails, arms, eyebrows. I was very bright. When I looked in the mirror for the first time my eyes like popped out of my head, they were so light. Also my teeth looked crazy white. The artists then made sprinkle designs around my body and my look was complete. It was really amazing, really creative and absolutely stunning.

I remember when Nicole came in to visit us and she loved my look. She said it would be an excellent way to show the judges my versatility as they noted being worried about that the week before. I couldn’t agree with her more because I knew my look as a model was extremely versatile.

My shoot went really well also. The photographer, Suza, was a pleasure to work with and great at giving direction. There were no sprinkles on my lips at first and Suza suggested the idea.  Once we put some on it made such a different to the look and I was really happy that she had a really creative eye.  This really cute guy, a stylist I think working on the other looks, came over to me after the shoot and said that from what he saw Suza shoot, it looked really amazing. It turned out he was in the background of people during my shoot. I was so happy because I felt like the shoot went really well and it was awesome to get other positive feedback.

Let me just tell you, it was in fact so hard to get everything out of my hair!   literally washed it like six times and that paste was still on me, and there were sprinkles on me for days. That was the most creative photo shoot I have ever done.

The next day was the day of our makeovers! First thing in the morning, Tabatha from Tabatha's Salon Takeover knocks on our door and lines us all up for hair evaluations.

I was really happy with my hair makeover. It was awesome to be in the care of professionals like Tabatha and Rodney from Cutler Salon. The whole experience was like another dream come true.

The day after makeovers was our second elimination/runway challenge. This time the candy theme was extended, and besides walking the runway, the models were given huge candy props to carry along with them.

Unfortunately, this was the challenge where I was eliminated. It was really unexpected for me to leave. When it came down to myself and Gabe, I felt that Gabe should have been eliminated instead. In my opinion he really had not improved whatsoever since he started in this competition. He did have a good look but his walk was criticized week after week by the judges as well as his pictures.
Gabe’s runway walk was extremely stiff. It really had no movement. Also his face only gave one look, and it didn’t look happy. I thought since I had improved my picture greatly this week and also as the judges noted I had improved my runway walk and poses that they would have wanted to keep someone who had a lot of potential and someone who was listening to what the judges had to say and showing positive changes, instead of a model who heard what the judges had to say to improve many times but either couldn’t see his own flaws or wasn’t able to change them.

However, they let me go that night and decided that they would keep trying to work on someone who wasn’t going to improve at all. I thought it was a very wrong decision. 

I felt that I had so much more to give and add to the competition. I thought since I was working hard to improve and on the road to becoming a better supermodel that I would be able to show the judges more of myself.  So sadly as the words fell out of Tyson’s mouth “We cannot…,” I was truly devastated. 

It felt like an end to my beginning and all too fast. I think that if Perou wasn’t kept on the judging panel to judge pictures of shoots he had no part of, that I might have been kept that night.

I realized that I couldn’t change the decision of the judges and tried to take with me all the positive aspects of this experience. I feel like I was on the show/competition for a reason and although I didn’t stay as long as I felt I should have, I know that everything happened for a reason. One of my goals in modeling is to gain exposure to the world and I know that I have accomplished that much.I realized how proud of myself I was for accomplishing as much as I did. I remember watching the show’s first season and saying to myself “I’m going to be on that show, I’m going to be on that show!” over and over. When I think about that and how I put my goals and dreams and motion to become a supermodel, it makes me feel great knowing that I have done exactly what I wanted to do, and I did it all by myself. I think to myself how lucky I am to be someone who can do that. I know there are a lot of people in this world who get up everyday and don’t get to do what they really want to do. I feel great that I can set an example for others who will be able to see that you can change your life.

I once read a quote by Anthony Robbins that said, “We can do, have and be exactly what we wish,” and I believe that to be very true. You just have to find the means to achieve your dreams and be extremely passionate about them.

I know now after this incredible experience that I definitely have the potential to become successful in the industry that I choose to be a part of. And that is a really amazing feeling.  The biggest benefit of the competition in my opinion is the jumpstart to a successful career in modeling.

Once that dream of mine is well on its way I would be so thrilled to seek even bigger goals and see what else I am able to accomplish in my life.  ou can never stop, you have to keep growing.


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