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I'm Sorry, But It Was Self Defense

Toya thanks the fans who have supported her, and explains why she burned Mariah's gift.

By Toya Bush-Harris

While I believe that everyone has the right to their own opinion and a listening ear, I also believe that the best way to be heard is through GOOD communication. When communication fails everyone loses. . .

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Let me say how extremely sorry I am to everyone who was offended by my actions. It is very inappropriate at any age to fight. As hard as it was to be mature and avoid controversy, I've learned that it is just better to ignore and walk away.

If you haven't noticed Twitter, blogs, and even reality TV have become national platforms for people to express themselves. I am humbled by the excellent opportunity we're presented with, but disgusted by the way we abuse it. For some odd reason people have resorted to cursing others out, demeaning each other and just being ignorant. I hate that I can be included in this description.

Please don't misunderstand, I acted in self-defense! As you can see in the episode, I asked Mariah to be respectful and not touch me, but matters still got elevated. I am so disgusted with people talking about who won the fight. NO ONE did, we both looked silly, especially, because we are mothers. Mothers who should be beautiful examples for our children to follow and learn from.

I am not perfect -- I make mistakes. I was raised to be a Christian, a lady, and to stand up for myself without raising my fist. Thank you to the family, friends, Bravo viewers, and Twitter peeps who support me, know me, and pray for me. I can't say I won't let you down in the future, but I will say, I won't let not another person take me to a place of such ignorance.

Additionally, I’d like to clear up any confusion as it relates to my son, Avery's baby dedication. There is a formal distinction between a christening and a baby dedication. A baby dedication is a ceremony in which the believing parents make a commitment before the Lord to submit a child to God's will and to raise that child according to God's ways. Nowhere in the definition of a christening or baby dedication is there a prerequisite for the child to wear white (or any dress code). I did not agree with Mariah's forceful tactic to try to get my son to wear an outfit just because she purchased it. I will not be bullied! She was thanked and I told her the "truth," he will be dressed in the very special suit his father chose.

Please don't be offended by me burning the outfit, this happened the day after I was attacked, I was still livid and I felt it was unholy and had not been given with good intentions. I donate all my families clothing to charity, but because of the mean spirit surrounding the outfit, I chose not to pass it along.

In conclusion, I want to make sure everyone knows I am extremely sensitive to the Jewish heritage and the Holocaust. It was not my intention to offend anyone. I sincerely apologize if I did. I was merely referencing a characteristic, but I will choose my words more carefully next time.

Thank you for listening and reading my blog. You will always get the truth here. . .

P.S. I already stated, had we known the adoption was not COMMON KNOWLEDGE, we would not have mentioned it on camera! Did you notice none of the other cast members appeared shocked or stated that they didn't know when my so called exposure was made public? The blatant lie about me discussing the adoption at a salon is just that, A BLATANT LIE! Please bring forward these people with whom I had this conversation. The FBI couldn't find them with a search warrant signed by the president, because they don't exist. THIS CONVERSATION NEVER HAPPENED!


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