A Very Emotional Episode for Toya

A Very Emotional Episode for Toya

Toya reflects on what made her sad in this episode, Simone's marriage, and the lack of Docs on the Docks.

This episode was really emotional for me to watch. . . No, not because I wasn't in it. LOL!

First, I was excited to watch woman helping each other to reach career goals. "No crabs in a bucket here!" Great job Lisa and Quad for showing that it can be done amongst woman of color.

Secondly, I did notice the reality television marriage curse trying to rear it's ugly head. If it's one thing Eugene and I can do, is have loud discussions, but we pride ourselves on "less than 24 hour time outs" and "listening to understand as oppose to answer." It's very important within a marriage or any relationship, to have good communication. Holding on to anger or negative feelings only breeds an unhappy spouse or friend.

Third, when Lisa discussed the possibility of not being around for her children with her husband, it hit such a soft spot. One of my greatest fears is not being around for my family. I pray Gods will over my friend Lisa's health and fast healing over her body.


Last but not least, to bad Mariah decided against Docs on the Dock, I was so craving the jerk shrimp from last year, it was delicious!

See you next episode. . .

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