Heavenly: Lisa Definitely Has Trust Issues

Dr. Heavenly gives us a rundown on where she stands with all the ladies and what she really thinks about the background check feud.

It is always exciting to spend time with the ladies of the medical community--both the doctors and the wives! This year there is even more drama brewing, as always. We are all very different and all have very strong opinions...

I am very busy with my family trying to keep it all in balance. Toya is scheduling a Halloween party...this should be fun! I'm going to have a good time no matter what happens!

Toya is very superficial.  So she lives a very glamorous life. I think some of the ladies are envious of her lifestyle. Let's admit it: Compared to the rest of us, Toya does nothing and has everything...even if it is all rented and leased. I don't think she realizes how hurtful she can be sometimes, which leads me to Dr. Simone.

Dr. Simone

Simone is all over the place. She is very emotional... I wonder what it is about Toya that always makes her so upset. Looking from the outside in, I do think she feels guilty for not spending the time with her kids that she wants. She chose a career that makes it almost impossible to do so.
Is this why she get so upset when Toya says she is not a good mother? Come on, it's Toya! You can't take anything she says too seriously. My training as a certified relationship expert leads me to believe Simone has more deep-rooted issues!

Is Toya Threatening Simone?
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Lisa Nicole

Now I'm not sure why anyone would spend the time or the money to get a background check on Quad. One look at Quad, and you could basically can tell what she's about. And it does not take an investigation to see it!
Lisa definitely has trust issues that probably stems from her husband cheating on her over and over again, which makes it very difficult for her to trust anyone.

Ms. Quad
Quad is very emotional at the Halloween party. It's almost like she's afraid of what we may find out about her. I don't think she gets that I really don't think the rest of the ladies give a damn about what's in her background--I know I don't. We already know she dated drug dealers and has been to jail. What more do we need to know?

Quad Is Not Cool With Lisa Nicole
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She is on the defensive and being very rude to me. I'm just trying to stop all the rumors and get the truth, so we can move on, as we all know Quad can get stuck in an altercation all year. Hopefully we can get past this quickly.
As always, Quad has to play payback and get a background check on Lisa. I think all of our time can be better served by doing things that are more productive.

Dr. Jackie
Dr. Jackie really does have a warped sense of reality! I don't think anyone wants to be a size NEGATIVE 2 and have their bones show through their clothes, but once again, if it makes her feel better to call us all fat ( indirectly), I'm all for it. I love to see Jackie happy.

I love all the ladies, however, it very difficult to keep the peace with these ladies, but a little "coffee" always helps me deal with them better!
Until next week .... #PiQMe #StillTeamDaddy #HeavenKnows

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