James Harris: Madison Was Just the Man to Help Us

James Harris: Madison Was Just the Man to Help Us

James talks about putting his client before his feud with Josh Altman.

Welcome to California, My Friend

Per usual, any endeavor with Josh Altman always proves to be both irritating and interesting. I, of course, was thrilled that things worked out so well for my friend and client, Tim. It’s not easy for someone so young to know exactly what they want when it comes to buying a home.

Naturally, coming from London, the idea of a beach-front property in Malibu seems like the California dream, and I knew that Madison was just the man to help us. There are many understandable concerns that come with living ocean-side, and the first property Madison showed us was clearly giving Tim a case of vertigo. The next Malibu property was absolutely stunning, that was undeniable. Perhaps the only downside to living in Malibu is if you’ll often have to make the trip into Los Angeles. The traffic can be unbearable, and Tim began to learn that whilst traveling back and forth from his girlfriend’s house for showings. So on we moved to Los Angeles real estate--our home base! While it was unfortunate that Altman seemed to have just the right house for Tim, I would never let our history prevent me from doing what is best for the client.

In the end it all worked out, and it was a bit of fun to have a joke with the Altman brothers and their absurd money gun.

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