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After Hours Million Dollar Listing New York

Want to Get into an Ultra-Exclusive Nightclub? Try These Tricks

#MDLNY's Luis D. Ortiz breaks down how to party at the hottest places in town.

By Jocelyn Vena

Desperate to party the night away in the same room as the coolest kids on the planet? We feel you. But, we admit, getting into those hotspots isn't easy — unless you're an A-list celebrity, socialite, or Luis D. Ortiz. You see, the Million Dollar Listing New York pal learned early on how to crack the code of making his way past the velvet rope at some of Manhattan's trendiest spots.

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"I'm not your club kind of guy, but I do enjoy speakeasies. So [in] New York City, it's always a moving thing," Luis told Bravo After Hours. "And it all moves with the opening of restaurants and new clubs and lounges in particular neighborhoods. The scene sort of moves around."

If you're lucky enough to hear about these places, but not sure how to make it onto the list, Luis is here to help crack the code.

"Exclusive places for the most part are meant to keep an enclosed family vibe," he said. "The door policy, it's done on purpose [and] it's because they want to keep a certain specific vibe of exclusivity. It makes the person that walks in feel excited they got in, so they bring that vibe inside and therefore it creates a very good thing."

Nothing like amazing company! @marceloclaure @jclaure @mr.claure

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In front of Woody Allen!

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Still, having the vibe and gaining entrance are two different things. Here's how Luis perfected the art of the entry. "I used to go to restaurants where these particular clubs were in consistently," he said. From there, he made connections. "And I would get to meet people. I would get to know the managers. I would get to know the people next to me. So if I saw an interesting table, I would send them a glass of champagne and I would constantly be doing that so my face would get recognized more and more and more until when you're coming to these places [you're known]."

But, it's not easy. Luis advises that you expect some rejection. "You have to expect to be turned down many, many times before they let you in the first time," he said. "And that's all a part of it. Eventually you become a part [of the scene]. You win everybody over. And I think that's why these places actually are exciting. I just realized because it's a place you need to earn to be there and I've always liked to earn anywhere that I go to or everything that I have. So it's exciting like that."

Here's to living with joy!

A photo posted by Luis D. Ortiz (@luisdortiz) on

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Below, see just exactly how Luis likes to have a good time.

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