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Do Those Period-Proof Undies Actually Work? We Tested Them and Here's What Happened ...

Your time of the month just got a lot easier. 

By Jessie Sardina

Hidden deep in the depths of my underwear drawer — past the lacy boyshorts and slinky thongs — is a small collection of drab drawers I begrudgingly reserve for that time of the month. 

Yes, I’m talking about my period panties. They’re far from cute and they’re definitely not sexy, and I’m never excited to put them on. At the end of the worst 7 days of the month, I’m left with nothing more than a yucky laundry load and an ever-growing sense of resentment for mother nature. 

So, when I told my friends I was taking the internet-famous period-proof Thinx undies for a spin this month, they were unanimously skeptical. Some were wary of outfit-ruining leaks; others felt they might resemble a diaper. One particularly doubtful girlfriend shuddered at the mere thought of leaving her house sans tampon or pad. 

Needless to say, by the time the first day of my cycle rolled around, I was a nervous mess. Since my flow was in full force (and the bloat was real), I cautiously slipped on a pair of the hi-waist panties designed to absorb up to two tampons of liquid. I was immediately shocked at how cute I felt in the silky sheer paneled panties — a far cry from the dingy cotton briefs of periods past. As I left the house for the day with just a single emergency tampon tucked in my bag, I couldn’t help but feel like I was setting myself up for a free-bleeding disaster. Traumatic memories of ruined pants began to bubble up, but I quelled my fear on my morning subway ride by reading reviews from gals who haven’t touched a tampon or pad since buying their Thinx. Believe it or not, by the time lunch rolled around, I had joined team Thinx. I might have forgotten about my period’s presence if it weren’t for my incessant craving for a custard-filled donut. Throughout the day, I self-consciously checked my tush’s reflection at every chance, bracing myself for that inevitable leak. I even feigned catching a whiff of something funky in front of a co-worker to see if I was emitting any odor but got nothing but strange looks. After a full day of sitting at my desk, I began to notice a slightly damp feeling, but nothing more unpleasant than the sensation of wearing a pad. By the time I was back home, I couldn’t believe I had survived the day without a single trip to the bathroom to change my tampon. 

I excitedly wrote a group message to my friends: 

“omg. these thinx tho!!!” 

I immediately dug out my period-worn panties and put them straight in the trash.

So what actually makes these panties “period-proof?” To put it simply, the inner lining fights bacteria while trapping liquid in a thin (no diaper feeling!), super-absorbent layer beneath to help you feel dry and ward off leaks. When you’re ready to take them off for the day, simply rinse them out in the sink, toss in the laundry (your other clothes will be fine!) and air-dry. Plus, since Thinx offers nine different fits and absorbencies — from a comfy boyshort to a slinky thong — you can tailor your own collection of period panties to fit your flow. And if the idea of free-bleeding still totally freaks you out, using Thinx as a backup plan gives you peace of mind and protection against ruining your precious panties. The stretch lace thong was the perfect partner to my tampon during an hour-and-a-half hot yoga class in the middle of my cycle! 

At this point you might be thinking to yourself: “cool, but $38 for a pair of undies I only wear during my period?” I was right there with you until I thought about the monthly cost of tampons and pads — not to mention the time and stress rushing to the pharmacy upon realizing your period has arrived and you’re fresh out of supplies. And have you ever Googled what’s inside those tampons you’re putting in your body? Spoiler alert: it’s scary. Plus, imagine a period week without unsightly landfill-destined period aftermath in your trash. 

If you ask me, getting a period once a month is sucky enough. Thinx makes those seven days a little easier ... and looks a lot cuter in your underwear drawer. 

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