Asha Kamali Blankinship

Asha Kamali Blankinship is an actress married to Dr. Larry Blankinship, a Physiatrist (Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation physician) who specializes in patients with pinched nerves in their neck or back. While she is a doctor's wife, Asha prides herself on being a multi-hyphenate actress, producer and writer and believes in creating opportunities for yourself. Along with a fellow group of driven African American ladies, Asha created the web series Milk & Honey, a show that poses the question, "Is there an expiration date on your dreams?" which often mirrors Asha's own fears. At this point in her life, Asha's number one priority is having a baby but as her marriage to Larry is still fairly new, she has to get him on board first. Sensitive to negative comments about her relationship, Asha goes head-to-head with Shanique when she implies that there could have been infidelity in the early stages of Asha and Larry's life together.