Carl Dooley

AGE: 30
PROFESSION: Chef, The Table, opening January 2016
CULINARY EDUCATION: A.O.S Culinary Arts, New England Culinary Institute
FAVORITE SIMPLE FALL DESSERT RECIPE: Roasted Apples with Armagnac and Vanilla Ice Cream

After training at the New England Culinary institute, Carl Dooley spent years working under some of the best chefs in the country, learning a wide range of styles and techniques from molecular gastronomy to butchery. Now he is gearing up to open his first restaurant, The Table, in Cambridge, MA early next year. Carl works to maintain a balanced life, finding inspiration in nature, art and spending time with his wife and dog. On his cooking style, Carl says, "I translate my travels and experiences through the cooking process, paying respect to my mentors while trying to create something personal and unique."