Gina Liano

Giana Liano is a Criminal Barrister and mother of two handsome young men – twenty-five year old Christos and eighteen year old Myles, as well as mom to adorable toy poodle Ninja. Always taking great pride in her appearance, it is no surprise that Gina is also part of fashion royalty, having renowned Australian designers Bettina Liano and Teresa (TL Wood) as sisters.

Gina has been in the legal game for 16 years and has represented some high profile clients. Dig below the surface and there is more to Gina than meets the eye; you’ll often find her in the courtroom fighting for the little guy. It was outside the courtroom however that Gina faced the biggest battle of her life. When diagnosed with cancer in 2003, Gina confronted the devastating news with her typical determination and optimism. She successfully recovered from grueling treatment and emerged all the more determined to live her life to the fullest.

Having recently launched her autobiography and shoe line, this busy barrister has somehow managed to find the time to develop a new perfume that is soon to be launched. Gina also serves as an Ambassador for the Cancer Council of Victoria.  One thing’s for sure - Gina Liano, the "professional fighter," is always ready to embrace the next challenge.