Lela Orr

Monroe, LA

A true Southern girl, Lela Orr brings her eco-luxury aesthetic to this season of Project Runway. After graduating from Parsons School of Design, she pursued a career as a designer and has owned her own brand, Ferrah, for the past three years. Lela founded Ferrah on the premise of being eco-luxury, and, as of 2018 the line is cruelty-free with zero waste. Lela has been using all-natural fabrics and dyeing processes since realizing how wasteful the fashion industry can be. She first became interested in fashion after going through international Vogue magazines while growing up with her grandmother. Realizing that fashion is more than clothes and more like wearable art, Lela followed her passion to pursue a life designing.  Whether she is listening to Rihanna or Patsy Cline in her studio or drawing inspiration from important women in her life like her grandmother, Lela can’t believe she gets to make a living doing what she loves.