Nadine Ralliford

Stone Mountain, GA

Jamaican-born Nadine Ralliford has always had a love for fashion. Since childhood, Nadine has loved sketching and creating her own ideas from scraps and old clothing. Realizing how creative Nadine was, her mother, Dolce Ralliford Jones, started to involve her more in the arts by sending her to special programs that would enhance her skills. She was inspired by her mother since she would dress for every occasion and loved high fashion. Her mother also made sure that Nadine knew different cultures by allowing her to travel through Asia and Europe. Nadine attended FIT in New York, FIDM in Los Angeles and received her BA from AIU and a degree from MIT. Nadine is now a professor of fashion and has created her own brand, Ralliford Hall Designs, which features a collection that appeals to women of all ethnicities.