Below Deck Med Season 5 Headshot Peter Huzinker

Pete Hunziker


Pete was the quintessential all-American boy growing up. The youngest of three brothers in his middle-class household, Pete always fought to stand up for himself and stand out, which led to his passion for bodybuilding, football, and wrestling. While working at Domino’s as a sophomore in high school, he was introduced to a retired U.S. Navy Seal who taught him everything there was to learn about boating and life. His life took a quick turn at 19, when he fathered a child with a woman he barely knew. When his son was two-weeks-old, Pete became ill and fell into a six-week coma. As soon as he was cleared, he returned to work to support his new baby. Eight years later – when he is not working or taking care of his son – he is known as "Party Pete" and anyone can assume he is either on the beach or at pool party as he resides in the Miami heat. "Party Pete" turns to dance to burn off the stress of back-to-back charters. This licensed U.S Coast Guard is ready to bring the energy on deck this season.