Below Deck Med Season 5 Headshot Robert Westergaard

Robert Westergaard


A native of South Africa, Robert is eager to learn the ropes with the deck crew. After losing his father at a young age and being separated from his mother, Robert found it difficult to steer clear of trouble with little guidance. He eventually launched a career as a professional model to pay off his mother’s debt and support his sister. For nine years, he traveled the world working with prestigious fashion houses. When his mother passed, Robert turned to the sea for healing. A thrill-seeker with a passion for travel and mechanics, he soon found his way to yachting. With a few charters behind him, this heart-throb has respect for workplace hierarchy and attributes most problems on board to a lack of communication. He is known for being dependable, honest, and trustworthy. Robert is excited to try his hand with the team in Spain and hopes to find adventure this season.