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7 Things You Need to Know About Tara Radcliffe

The Newlyweds star made a cameo in this season of Shahs of Sunset

By Gillian Horn
The Shahs are Back for Season 6!

Did you catch former Newlyweds star Tara Radcliffe accompanying her Shahs of Sunset friend"Golnesa to meditiation class? Here's what has been going on with Newlyweds' favorite persian princess since the show. 

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1. Tara and Rob Broke up

45 days ago, I decided to take a break off of all forms of social media. No IG, FB, Twitter, you name it, I banned myself off of it. I had got to a place where I saw myself turning to social media in order to numb out, to not acknowledge the stress that was around my life. I wanted to deal w/ everything & take in all the good events in my life & all the bad. I wanted to feel joy & be present & I also wanted to stay present while feeling pain. It gave me a chance to deal with the uncomfortability that was w/in me w/out turning to my phone to save me from my version of reality. I have been present through the happiest moments, & present through the most uncomfortable challenges & losses of my life. I'll start by sharing the great moments. With the hours that I now gained from being off of social media, I was able to be 100% present with all my friends and family, I was able to stick to a workout regimen & trained my body to get used to a daily workout routine, I worked w/ a life coach who helped me w/ an amazing life schedule & I was able to stick to it, & because of that strict schedule, I was able to open up my own business! I will be launching an amazing Vintage clothing boutique called Early Era Vintage that will be open w/in the next few weeks (I will post more about this later in a future post). Now, on the flip side I have dealt w/ the biggest loss of my life. I was very hesitant to write about this last part of my post, but I figured that it will come out & I wanted to honor this major shift in our lives. Close to 5 years ago, I met this wonderful man Mr. Radcliffe... he swept me off of my feet and I fell in love HARD... he has brought me so much joy and so many unforgettable moments, he gave me amazing step boys, & he accepted all of me including all my flaws. They say that sometimes love is not enough to keep 2 people together, & I never believed it until now. We have part ways @robradcliffe180 but know that I will cherish every moment that we shared together, every laugh, every heartache, everything! I pray we cross paths again in this lifetime but if not, you & I know we will see each other in the next! Love you always & forever. 🙏🏻

A post shared by Tara Radcliffe (@tara_radcliffe) on

After dating for 5 years, the real-estate power couple has decided to part ways but remain super friendly. 

2. She's friends with Golnesa 'GG' Gharachedaghi

When you're at the beach and channeling your inner Baywatch... never a dull moment with my girls @sarah_tehrani_ @tara_radcliffe

A post shared by Golnesa "GG" Gharachedaghi (@gg_golnesa) on

Talk about a nice slow motion BAEwatch run. 

3. She's obsessed with vintage...

Tara rocks '50s-inspired clothing and hairstyles as she models for Pinup clothing. 

4. ...just not in her home

She may dress like a retro '50s housewife, but her house is anything but outdated.

5. She is a classically trained chef

Brussel sprOUT of this world!

6. She has a blog called Pinup Housewife

Her blog shares her passions of "great food, hosting parties, beauty and charming retro fashion!"

7. She is not a fan of flying… unless alcohol is involved

How Tara Conquered Her Fear of Flying: Alcohol
Just a little something to take the edge off.
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