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The Daily Dish Summer House: Martha's Vineyard

Amir Lancaster Defends His Girlfriend Natalie — and Drops Major Relationship News

Summer House: Martha's Vineyard's Amir Lancaster is excited about the future with his girlfriend, Natalie Cortes. However, he's not so pleased with the way some things went down last summer.

By Becca van Sambeck
Nick Arrington and Amir Lancaster Discuss Natalie's Involvement in the Drama

On Summer House: Martha's Vineyard, viewers see a group of friends splitting a home for a two-week-long summer vacation filled with parties, laughs, beach time, and a little bit of drama. But naturally, when castmates bring their significant others for a few days, it can alter the dynamics.

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For Amir Lancaster, having his girlfriend, Natalie Cortes, visit was an exciting prospect. However, the couple soon found themselves embroiled in drama when Natalie got caught in the middle with housemate Nick Arrington and his girlfriend, Tasia.

"For me, watching it back for, like, the first four episodes, I was like, damn. I should be a comedian because I am hilarious and now on the back end of the four episodes, it’s like watching a car crash and I just happen to be in the passenger’s seat and I’m just like, oh god. This is gonna suck. This is gonna suck. This is gonna suck," Amir admitted to The Daily Dish in a recent interview.

Amir Lancaster and Natalie Cortes on Summer House: Martha's Vineyard regrets

Natalie became involved with house drama after learning some of the girls thought Nick Arrington was very flirty in a way that was potentially inappropriate, considering he had a girlfriend, Tasia Monet Burroughs. Natalie volunteered to talk to Tasia about Nick's flirtiness when she was also at the Martha's Vineyard share home, but her conversation with Tasia ultimately led to a major argument in the house, with Nick angry people were questioning his relationship and some of the women upset Natalie had revealed their thoughts on it.

Today, Natalie said she would handle things differently.

Amir Lancaster at the Watch What Happens Live clubhouse in New York City.

"I probably would’ve left it to the girls to have the conference with Tasia, and tried to have her back versus being the one to bring it to her. I feel like my intentions were never to get into the drama or to make anybody feel a certain type of way. I’m a girl’s girl and I like to have girls’ backs, but yeah ... Maybe I would just have given Nick a heads up, too, and been like, 'Hey, this is kind of the situation at hand,'" Natalie explained in a conversation with The Daily Dish.

Amir has regrets about how the situation went down as well.

"I probably would’ve tried to help Natalie navigate her first time being in the house a little bit better. That was a ball that I dropped ... things just got away from me in a way that I don’t think we ever anticipated them to. I just didn’t do a good enough job making sure my partner would’ve been away from all the B.S. that is our house," Amir admitted.

Unfortunately, the situation did impact Nick and Amir's relationship as they watched the season play out, although Amir is hopeful they can mend their friendship.

"We kind of think we are [good], and then we aren’t, and then we are, and then we aren’t. So, we keep having the same conversation over and over again," Amir explained.

Amir Lancaster and Natalie Cortes pose together during Summer House Martha's Vineyard Premiere Party

Amir is, however, on great terms with many other people in the house, citing Preston Mitchum and Bria Fleming in particular as two cast members he's close with. As for Natalie, she doesn't think there's any real bad blood between anyone on Summer House: Martha's Vineyard.

"I don’t believe there’s any ill will between us or me and the cast members. There’s probably definitely some tension due to the fact that we all have different experiences in the house — and I feel like mine is being misinterpreted and spoken on my behalf by others, you know? Leaving their sides of the story to be shared and heard, but not mine, so I think there’s just like, miscommunication, lack of understanding, but I don’t think anybody has any ill will or is mad at anybody," she said.

Amir Lancaster and Natalie Cortes on "Misconceptions" of Their Relationship

One joke Amir made earlier in Season 2 has continued to haunt him a little: when he claimed Natalie would cut off his penis if he flirted with another woman.

"I don’t know where Amir got this idea of me cutting his private parts off, but I would, in fact, never do that. If I were to catch him doing something like that, I would tell him, this is the end of our journey, goodbye, but the privates will stay intact!" Natalie laughed.

Amir also disparaged the idea that Natalie doesn't respect his work ethic, after Natalie made a comment that she makes more money than him with real estate while she was at the house.


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"The way that people think that Natalie doesn’t have any respect for me or kind of, like, belittles me is absolutely false. I mean, this woman has a lot respect for me. She’s quite literally supported me and given me opportunities that I never would’ve had had I been by myself or doing this journey on my own in regards to business," he said.

As he explained, he and Natalie are both very proud of their businesses, but they definitely have different strengths.

"I pride myself on being a volume individual because I know a lot of people and Natalie prides herself on being a luxury high-price point agent who does a couple of transactions a year ... It wasn’t she was trying to say that she makes more, but when it comes to — I’ll say this, every single time, when it comes to real estate, Natalie is the powerhouse in our household. I make my money elsewhere between social media, real estate, the show, everything else, but Natalie is the real estate professional," he said.

Amir Lancaster and Natalie Cortes Are Moving In Together

But despite some rocky moments in the house, Amir and Natalie are happier than ever. They've been dating for over a year and a half since initially meeting at their gym, and have only continued to find bliss with each other.

"One of the qualities that I love most about Natalie is she’s very wholesome. And when I say that, she was raised in a household where, creating a home, protecting a home was a big priority, but she also has the same drive to succeed in her workplace. I feel like that’s a really unique combination to have, especially in today’s society," Amir explained. "People are either, like, very work-focused, or they’re very home-focused, but it’s very rare to find someone who has a good balance of both."

Amir also gushed about Natalie's confidence and drive.

"That is a successful, confident, and strong woman, and that is, like, 10 times out of 10, gonna be the most attractive thing [in a woman] for me," he said.

As for Natalie, she's drawn to the joy Amir radiates, she said.

"I think one of my favorite qualities of Amir is how humble he is, and what a ray of sunshine he is. I have never met a man who is so happy, so driven, so focused, so ambitious, so ... when I met him at the gym, like, I would just see him smiling, talking to everybody. I’m like, wow. I wish I could be like that," she recalled.

Right now, the two are both "working toward getting to a place where creating a family is our priority," Amir said. Both are still busy with their real estate careers, and Natalie is even working toward getting a degree in interior design. In fact, they even just bought their own house and are thrilled about the prospect of finally living together.

"I’m just excited to go on this journey with him, you know?" Natalie said. "I love him so much and I’m ready to move into the next stage of our relationship."

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