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Could These Controversial Houseguests Make a Return to Summer House: Martha's Vineyard?

Phil Brooks' calculated bathroom incident got him ousted from Summer House: Martha's Vineyard, but could Phil or another evicted houseguest make a return this season?

By Jill Sederstrom

Some controversial houseguests could be making their way back to Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard.

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In the final moments of Season 2, Episode 2, as viewers got a preview about what lies ahead on the island vacation, Bravo fans learned that two notorious houseguests who were dramatically ousted last season could be returning to Martha’s Vineyard — and not everyone is pleased about it. 

Phil Brooks and Mariah Torres were ceremoniously voted out of the house in the first season after Phil maliciously pooped in Nicholas “Nick” Arrington’s toilet and then nearly started a fight with everyone in the house just minutes after arriving, and Mariah was accused of putting her hands on Bria Fleming during a heated laundry dispute. 

So, just what do we know about the infamous houseguests? Keep reading to get a recap of the drama and all the details on a potential reunion.

Will Phil and Mariah return to Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard?

It looks like Phil and Mariah could both make a reappearance in Season 2. Members of the house do ask if they can come back.

“How does everyone feel about Phil coming?” Jasmine Ellis Cooper asked the group in the sneak preview of Episode 3.

Phil Brooks Sitting on a couch in a share house in Martha's Vineyard

After Phil’s dirty deed last season, it looks like not everyone is ready to forgive and forget. 

“He wanted to go toe to toe with me,” an angry Amir Lancaster recalled. 

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When the topic shifted to a possible return for Mariah, the climate still seemed a little frosty. 

“How do you feel about Mariah coming?” Jasmine asked, before Bria stood up and walked out.

“I don’t want to talk anymore,” she said. 

Why was Phil Brooks asked to leave Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard

For those who don’t recall, Phil was expected to be a fun addition to the group, but wasted no time earning his eviction papers the first time around after taking a calculated dump in Nick’s toilet. 

Phil was upset that his friend Bria failed to save the bedroom for him after he claimed “dibs” on it, even though he was arriving late, and left a visual protest for Nick to find.

“You woke up in the morning, got dressed in whatever outfit that is, and your bright idea was to come to Oak Bluffs, defecate in a toilet?” a stunned Nick asked. “Is this real life right now?” 

The guys asked Phil to flush the toilet, but he refused — and the brash behavior didn’t end there.  He also clashed with Jordan Emanuel and Alex Tyree, and nearly came to blows with Amir. 

“Phil hasn’t even unpacked yet and he’s already managed to get everyone in the house upset,” Silas Cooper summarized the escalating drama. 

The cast called an emergency house meeting and voted to kick Phil out of the house, ending his stay before it ever started. 

Why was Mariah Torres asked to leave Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard?

The move had some consequences for Mariah, a single mom and Jasmine’s screenwriting partner, as well.

Mariah Torres wearing a white top and a statement necklace

Bria was upset her friend had to leave the house and quickly turned the discussion to Mariah, who she claimed pushed her during a heated argument about laundry. 

The two squared off after Mariah found out that some items belonging to Bria’s emotional support dog, Milo, had been mixed into the laundry with other non-dog items. 

“Take your sh-t,” an angry Mariah — who wasn’t happy about the furry addition — told Bria. 

In the heated confrontation that followed, Bria claimed Mariah put her hands on her, making her feel threatened. 

“My friend’s gotta go? Jasmine’s friend’s gotta go! Out the door,” Bria said. 

The group agreed that no one should be allowed to put their hands on another person and Mariah was voted out, too. 

Jasmine was forced to deliver the difficult news to her best friend. 

“If Bria’s saying she’s uncomfortable with Mariah’s presence, then that kind of puts me in a corner,” Jasmine said. 

While there’s no word yet on whether Phil or Mariah will get an invite to return to the house, these two clearly have the potential to shake things up. 

To find out whether either guest will make a return, watch Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard on Sundays at 9/8c on Bravo or available streaming the next day on Peacock.

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