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The Daily Dish Summer House: Martha's Vineyard

Bria Hints the Rest of the SH:MV Cast Doesn't “Have the Information I Know” About Mariah

Some weren't happy that Jasmine booked Mariah a ticket to Martha's Vineyard before consulting the others. 

By Jax Miller

Mariah Torres from Summer House: Martha’s Vineyards Season 1 may just be making one hell of a return — unless Bria Fleming gets her way.

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An old college friend and later screenwriting partner to Jasmine Ellis Cooper, Mariah left quite the impression in Season 1 when things became physical between Mariah and Bria Fleming (and Bria’s pup, Milo). The altercation, which stemmed from Bria washing the dog’s laundry with her housemates’ clean towels, led to Mariah’s time being cut short from the house.

The notion that Mariah might be returning for Season 2 has certainly ruffled some feathers, especially for Bria, who made a mystifying comment while on the phone with her mother.

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“For some reason, Jasmine really thought it was OK to bring Mariah back out,” said Bria. “She doesn’t know the information that I know. I think she’s f-cking lying.”

Suffice it to say, Bria has the tea.

Bria Fleming wearing an off the shoulder white dress in front of a light brown backdrop

Will Mariah return to Summer House: Martha's Vineyard?

Earlier in Season 2, Episode 2, Jasmine told Jordan Emanuel and Summer Marie Thomas that she hoped Mariah could return, preferably on a fun day, to lighten the vibe of the entire household. Jasmine reassured the others that she and Mariah were in a “much better place” since the premiere season’s drama.

“Mariah was really hurt by how everything played out last summer,” said Jasmine. “We were able to get to some real you-effed-up conversations.”

But first, Jasmine called a house meeting to see if the others were on board, not just with Mariah coming back, but also with Season 1’s unforgettable Phil also possibly making a return.

It was no surprise when Bria said she was unhappy about the former’s possible comeback.

Mariah Torres wearing a white top and a statement necklace

“I don’t wanna talk anymore,” Bria said as she took Milo and got up from the group meeting. “Y’all getting on my damn nerves.”

Bria said that having Mariah back would be a “f-ck you” and proof that Mariah could get away with putting her hands on Bria.

Ultimately, Bria acquiesced and said it would be “fine” if Mariah returned, but the conversation wasn’t over yet.

Did Jasmine deceive the others?

Bria, Shanice Henderson, and newcomer Noelle Hughley jumped on a call with Phil to tell him that his visit wasn’t possible for the rest of the group. To the women’s surprise, Phil — who still maintained contact with Mariah — dropped a major bombshell:

“She told me not to tell you all, she was trying to pop up,” said Phil. “I mean, Jasmine is flying Mariah out to apologize, I guess. She’s landing on the first.”

What Jasmine failed to tell the others was that she had already booked Mariah’s plane ticket five days earlier, before consulting them about whether she was welcome back.

“That was a slap in the face,” said Bria. “Actually, it was a punch in the face.”

Later, at dinner, Bria asked Jasmine if booking Mariah’s ticket was a “premeditated” move.

Jasmine claimed there was zero premeditation and believed Mariah’s ticket had been booked the previous night. However, receipts stated otherwise.

Jordan and the others — including Preston Mitchum — came to Bria’s defense, and while Jasmine said their standpoints were “fair,” buying Mariah’s ticket ahead of time was merely “an economical choice.” Preston wondered if Jasmine anticipated the others voting "Yes" to Mariah coming back, which they had.

“Clearly, there was some kind of strategy behind it, and it feels a little sneaky and a little bit … dare I say controlling,” said Preston.

Jasmine said she didn’t mean for Bria to feel set up, claiming that if the house had voted "No," then Mariah’s flight would have been canceled.

Still, Bria found Jasmine’s methods to be “shady.”

More to come on Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard, airing Sundays at 9/8c on Bravo and streaming the next day on Peacock.

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