Andy Cohen Admits His Most Drunken 'WWHL' Moment

Andy Cohen Admits His Most Drunken 'WWHL' Moment

He also tells the truth about his on-air drinking habits.

By Camille Beckles

Fans of Watch What Happens Live are well aware of host Andy Cohen’s enthusiasm for a little alcoholic refreshment during the show. But maybe you’ve wondered how well Andy holds up to the constant flow of drinks every night?

He weighed in on this very question in the latest episode of @sk Andy, a bi-weekly video series where Andy answers questions fans are dying to know. So when did he get the most lit? During a recent sit-down with Kylie Minogue and Elijah Wood.

“I got fairly drunk on the air for the first time in a long time,” he confessed. (That might explain his comfort asking Wood about his porn-watching habits.)

But there’s no need to worry about the state of Andy’s liver—he usually drinks in moderation. “Sometimes I have a whiskey neat, and really only wind up have only one sip,” he says, “and sometimes I go a little heavier.”

Watch Andy 'fess up about his on-air drinking habits.

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