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The Daily Dish Summer House: Martha's Vineyard

Alex Tyree on His Current Romance Status with Summer Thomas: “Difference of Expectations”

Alex Tyree and Summer Marie Thomas' past is causing some friction on Summer House: Martha's Vineyard.

By Jill Sederstrom

The summer’s off to a bumpy start for Summer Marie Thomas and Alex Tyree on Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard.

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While the two clearly hooked up in the off-season, they seem to disagree on where the relationship should go from here. 

“I mean, there’s a difference in expectations,” Alex told the guys in a preview clip for Season 2, Episode 2. “She might be clinging to the idea that we’re supposed to be something.” 

Did Summer Marie Thomas and Alex Tyree date?

The pair hung out a few times after meeting in Season 1, but Alex revealed in the Season 2 premiere that he stepped back from the casual relationship after he learned Summer had taken a photo of him without his knowledge and sent it to Jordan Emanuel

“So, OK, you’re taking pictures of me when I don’t know it and sending it to other people? That’s a little weird,” Alex explained. “It was a sign that maybe we’re not on the same page.”


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The last time the two saw each other in New York City, according to Summer, Alex confessed to being a “f-ck boy” who wasn’t willing to give up his player ways.

Split of Summer Marie Thomas wearing a white shirt and Alex Tyree wearing a salmon color shirt.

Yet, there was still some unresolved tension between them when they returned to Martha’s Vineyard for another summer of fun. 

The first night, Summer shocked everyone when she called out the music curator during a group lobster dinner for not inviting her and Jordan to an event he hosted in NYC.

While she argued that Alex knew she was in NYC at the time because he had a Zoom call with her and others that morning and she was clearly in Jordan’s apartment in the city, he insisted he “wasn’t paying attention.”

“Because how can you do a Zoom call with people, but I don’t see who I’m on the f-cking call with, like that doesn’t make sense,” an angry Summer challenged him. “Just say you didn’t want us to go. You didn’t invite the person who does live in New York, you didn’t invite the person you’ve been inside of, that’s a f-cking problem.” 

How does Alex Tyree feel about his relationship with Summer Marie Thomas?

The comment got more than a few shocked looks before those at the table suddenly started to find reasons to leave. 

Alex and Summer decided to talk it out in a more private setting the next day on a boat trip.  

“Um, let’s talk about last night. I’m trying to understand why that was said?” Alex asked. 

Summer has maintained that she never wanted a serious relationship with Alex and was always OK with the casual nature of their hookups, but told him she felt it was “disrespectful” to exclude her from the event after their past together. 

“When someone’s, like I said, been inside of you, there’s a certain love you have for each other,” she said. 

Alex clearly didn’t agree with throwing the word “love” around and told Summer it might not be a “fair expectation” to be invited to his events.

“I’m receiving how you feel, OK, but I feel like the things that happened between us, that’s our business,” he told her. “I don’t feel like we need to keep letting people know.” 

While rehashing the conversation with the guys in their basement “man cave”  in the preview for Episode 2, Alex said he felt the two may have had different “expectations” for how they would move forward. 

“That’s what I was about to get to,” Amir Lancaster agreed. “I was like, her feeling that left out and being that hurt, it’s like you should care about me more than everyone else because like, it’s me and you’re like, ‘It’s you.’” 

“It’s not just about a party invite,” Amir added in the clip. “Women always get upset when they’re in love.” 

Why didn’t Preston Mitchum attend his father’s funeral? 

The preview also gave a sneak peek into Preston Mitchum’s decision not to attend his father’s funeral. 

“If I’m being honest, my first reaction when he passed wasn’t sadness,” Preston shared. “It was just a reality of something that happened.” 

Preston Mitchum wearing a red checkered sweater and wide brin hat in front of a light brown backdrop.

For Preston, it was the “right decision” to skip out on the memorial service because of the heartbreaking and complicated past between the two men and their inability to ever truly connect to each other.

“Most of my life, he was definitely not there,” Preston said. “Even when me and my father reconnected, I would say ‘I’m gay,' and he was like, I didn’t raise my child to be gay,’ and I’m like ‘Well, you didn’t raise me at all.’” 

After his death, Preston said he no longer felt “the burden of the relationship that I mourned so long ago.”

Will Simon return to Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard?

As the group prepped for an epic “decades party” in the sneak peek, Bria Fleming was already envisioning a warm and romantic reunion with her German entrepreneur boyfriend, Simon Marco, who was expected at the villa in a few days time.

“I haven’t seen him, it’s gonna be a month next week,” she said while lounging in a hammock. “He’s been in Germany because he had work stuff.”

Fans will remember Simon’s visit last season devolved into a heated argument after Bria asked Simon to watch her dog, but this time around, Bria insists they are “in a better place.” 

“We do go through our ups and downs, but Simon and I are very close,” she said, admitting she was “obsessed” with her beau.

To catch up on all the latest, watch Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard Sundays at 9/8c on Bravo or available streaming the next day.

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