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Here's Why Below Deck Alum Emily Would "Absolutely Not" Rekindle Her Romance with Ben

A lot happened between Emily Warburton-Adams and Ben Robinson after Season 4.

By Laura Rosenfeld

There have been so many romances on Below Deck over the years, from flirting to hookups to full-blown relationships. However, few have captured our hearts like that between Ben Robinson and Emily Warburton-Adams in Season 4.

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When Season 4 first set sail, pretty much all of the Valor crew members were vying for Emily's attention. Kelley Johnson and Nico Scholly tried to woo Emily from the start. But it was Ben who ultimately won the stew's heart. "Going on a date with him and things like that, I felt very close to him very quickly. He was British and he made me laugh, and I do like an older guy," Emily recalled in the latest installment of Life After Bravo, which you can view, above. "It was totally real feelings. He knew what I liked, and he made me my food. It was a real perk."

Of course, Ben was no stranger to charter romances before Emily, having flirted and even hooked up with crew members in the past. However, Emily seemed to be the one Ben really fell for. "It's weird when you're really living it. It was my real life. There were no feelings about having won him. It was a real relationship for me," Emily said. "It just happened to have been aired on TV [laughs]."

Their relationship even continued long after Season 4 came to an end. Emily, who became a health coach after she appeared on Below Deck, moved in with Ben in Fort Lauderdale, Florida for about a year after they met on the show. They even continued working together hosting private cooking events and giving online cooking demonstrations. "So I went and stayed with him, and I met his brother [James Robinson], et cetera. I didn't go back to working on yachts, but Ben and I toured around the States, and we'd do private events together," Emily said. "So I'd be his little sidekick cook, service staff, and then he'd do all the cooking. It was a lot of fun."

Living with Ben was as exciting and unpredictable as you probably imagined, according to Emily. "He's a magical human being. It was a lot of fun, always unexpected, things coming up. I loved it," she said. "I was back-and-forth from the U.K., but we were very comfortable living together. It was exciting because we were always traveling around. It was like we were always on the move."

But Ben was also there for Emily during the "bloody nerve-racking" time of reliving Season 4 of Below Deck as it aired on TV. "It wasn't an easy ride. It is nerve-racking. I hated watching myself back," Emily said. "You really look into every detail, so I'm glad we had each other. It would have been very difficult if I was alone through that."

Emily said that watching the show even brought her and Ben closer together. "I think it made us stronger," she shared. "It definitely caused some niggles and things come up, but as a whole, it made us stronger probably."

The couple eventually decided to call it quits, and Emily moved back home to London, where she still lives today while running POWFood, a nutritional corporate catering company she co-founded with her mom, Ali Warburton. "We just grew apart a bit. I was traveling back here. There's not a lot for him to come back here for. So we just grew apart," Emily said of her breakup with Ben. "We're still very close now. He's been a huge crutch and support through everything. I'll always love him."

Emily said she still keeps in touch with Ben and even catches up with him in person from time to time, most recently when he came to visit her in London and even met her mom and sister after filming Season 4 of Below Deck Mediterranean in France. "There was a point when I was gonna fly out there for a dinner with him while he was on [Below Deck Med], but I didn't in the end," Emily said. "No, it wasn't quite the right time for meeting him, et cetera, but, yeah, another time maybe."

For those hoping Emily and Ben will rekindle their relationship in the future, well, that ship has unfortunately sailed. Emily said she would "absolutely not" want to get back together with Ben. The chef also recently appeared to make things Instagram official with a new woman in his life, Kiara. "He's very happy with Kiara anyway, so that's good," Emily said. "I'm very happy for him."

As for Emily, she is "happily single" these days. "I'm waiting for the right person, and I'm not seeking it, but I'm putting myself out there, let's say that," she shared. "When the right man comes along, I'll know about him."

When it comes to finding love with Ben at sea, Emily said she wouldn't have done anything differently. "No, I mean, it's not really the done thing, but you can't change how nature plays its course," she said. "So, no, I've got no regrets."

Watch Emily's fellow Season 4 yachtie, Nico, dish on the craziest Below Deck moments and his new life on land in Life After Bravo, below.

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