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The Daily Dish Below Deck Down Under

Below Deck Down Under Season 2 Ended with a Major Full-Circle Moment

Plus, find out how much the Northern Sun crew made in tips for the charter season.

By Shannon Raphael

The second season of Below Deck Down Under officially came to an end on September 18, and a lot transpired on the boat before the crew members left the Northern Sun. 

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Ahead of the Season 2 finale, stew Jaimee Neale accidentally burned a guest's designer dress with the steamer, and Chef Tzarina Mace-Ralph hit a turning point in her boatmance with João Franco.

Keep scrolling to find out how everything ended for the crew, and for your essential finale recap. 

Captain Jason Chambers Resolves the Burned Dress Drama

Though Melissa, the guest whose dress partially "melted" thanks to Jaimee's mishap with the steamer portion of her iron, didn't fault the stew for the mistake, she admitted to her husband that she was "very upset" about what happened.

When the final charter guests were departing the vessel later on in the episode, Captain Jason offered Melissa $1,000 to make up for the damages to the orange Cult Gaia dress.

"This is for your dress too, by the way," Captain Jason told Melissa as he handed her a check. Melissa asked if the money would be coming out of Jaimee's tip, and Captain Jason said no.

"I just didn't want to affect her tip," Melissa added. 

In an interview on the episode, Captain Jason explained why he wanted to pay for the gown. 

"I'm happy to pay for this dress myself. I'll take this one for the team," he said. "Accidents do happen."

Captain Jason Chambers while filming Below Deck Down Under

The Final Tip Meeting

To kick off the last tip meeting of the season, Captain Jason thanked the Northern Sun crew members for their hard work.

"Everyone here just performed, and that's what we're trying to get to," he said. "And we all came together and I love it. So, congratulations to us all."

Captain Jason then announced that the final charter guests had given a $17,000 tip, which came out to $1,400 per person.

With the final tip in, Captain Jason shared that the crew had made $164,000 in tips for the entire season. Each crew member made $13,700 for the duration of the charter season. 

Where the Cast Stands at the End of Below Deck Down Under Season 2

Following the final crew night out, the Northern Sun yachties left the revamped fishing ship behind.

Though they were going to take things casual in their boatmance, João and Tzarina parted ways before they left the yacht. Tzarina shared that she was going to take a "long holiday" after the charter season before heading back to another boat, while João said that he was just ready to dive into more work.

Jaimee and Culver left the boat as a couple (though they still didn't know if Culver had managed to secure their jobs in the Med), despite Jaimee sharing a kiss with Luka the night before.

"I want to see where it goes," Culver told the stew about their connection.

After taking on a service role during the last charter, Margot told Captain Jason that she "learned so much" during her time on Northern Sun. As a result, Captain Jason offered her a third stew position on his next boat in Thailand. Margot was thrilled with the offer, but she declined so she could spend some time taking a "nice break."

Deckhand Harry left the boat knowing that his future will be in the yachting industry. As for his romantic life, Harry was ready to hit the beach and "let the women come to [him]."

Aesha Scott Helps Captain Jason Chambers with His Contacts 

The captain and the chief stew were the last to depart the boat, and they shared one final moment together in the wheelhouse before they left.

Jason asked Aesha what the "highlight" of her season was, and she simply said, "Knowing you're there if I need you... It makes so much difference to my life."

"It goes both ways," Jason responded. "We're a team."

After putting in Jason's contact lenses for the entire season, the captain tried to take a major step in his eyewear journey. 

"Can you put your own contacts in now?" Aesha asked Jason during a joint confessional on the episode. His response? "Possibly."

Jason attempted to put a contact in himself, but he wasn't successful. 

Aesha Scott seen helping Captain Jason put his contact lenses in.

Captain Jason Chambers' Final Thoughts

In his final interview on the season, Jason reflected on the experience

"This season, we've done it again. There were so many challenges, but, at the end of the day, we were there to support each other along the way. I'm very proud of everyone," he said. "I think it's hats off, and I'm never wearing budgie smugglers again. Maybe, it depends how big the tip is. Let's see."

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