Brandi Glanville: 'I'm the Taylor Swift of Book Writing'

Brandi Glanville: 'I'm the Taylor Swift of Book Writing'

The author says dating "douchebags" had one upside: it helped her creativity.

By Hilary Hughes

She says it right there in the title: Brandi Glanville's latest book is all about what she's learned from her adventures while Drinking and Dating, and her "douchebag" exes play a big part in her story.

"They gave me such great content for the book because they were douchebags, mostly," Brandi tells Us Weekly. "So when you're a douchebag, you get to get called out in a book.

The New York Times bestselling author goes on to compare herself to a pop icon who has not been afraid to name-names: "I'm the Taylor Swift of book writing," she says.

Brandi's been upfront about her feelings regarding her ex, Eddie Cibrian, and their tumultuous relationship since they got divorced in 2010. Though he's certainly the most famous and devastating of her exes, he's not necessarily alone in the jerk category, according to Brandi.

"I've always lived my life very out loud, even when I wasn't in the public eye," she continues. "I didn't really hold anything back. I just figure, at this point, what do I have to lose, really? If these guys were nicer guys, they wouldn't end up in this book. So maybe people that want to date me should treat me better."

Brandi, a single mom, puts her two sons first when it comes to introducing a new man in her life. "When I meet the right person and it's his idea to meet my children and not mine, then it will happen," she says. "I really think it's important for me to protect them and not push them on anyone."

Is Brandi really "the Taylor Swift of book writing"? What do you think of her new book? Let us know in the comments.

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