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Carl Admits Lindsay Was "Valid" While Owning Up to These "Mistakes" in Their Split

The Summer House-mate reflected on his relationship wrongdoings: "I could have been..."

By Shannon Raphael

Carl Radke said that he "made the right decision" when it came to calling off his engagement to Lindsay Hubbard, but he doesn't believe he was without blame when it comes to the issues they had in their relationship.

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During an appearance on the May 9 episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Carl revealed new details about his relationship with Lindsay, including some of the "mistakes" he made in communication prior to their breakup, and why she was "valid" for feeling blindsided by the split.

Carl Radke's biggest "mistakes" in his relationship with Lindsay

When host Andy Cohen asked Carl about his "mistakes" and relationship regrets with Lindsay, he noted that his communication could have been better. 

"I could have been a lot more direct with her about how I was feeling at times," he admitted. "I think I was, again, just dead set on trying to get married. I wanted to get married, I wanted to have a family, but I think we were speeding really quickly down a track."

Carl's desire to get married was also the reason why he dropped by Lindsay's bridal shower just a few weeks before calling off the wedding.

"I look back on it, and maybe I wish I would have just said, 'No, we can't do the bridal shower because we're not in a great place,'" he said about continuing on in the planning process amid "clear challenges" in the relationship. 

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Carl Radke sheds light on his conversation with Sharon and Lou

As for the accusation that Carl planned to talk to his mom, Sharon Radke, and his stepdad, Lou, about his relationship issues when he paid a visit to their home in New Jersey, he claims he was not planting seeds. 

"My mom has filmed with us every season for the most part, and I was going down there regardless of where we were at. I didn't know that conversation was gonna go that direction," he said. "However, when I got home from that, I did hold on to what my parents said for about a week. And then I tried to approach it in couples therapy, and then you saw it on [Season 8, Episode 12], I tried to really clear the air with her about it."

Carl reveals if he talked to Lindsay because Amanda and Kyle broke the fourth wall 

On Season 8, Episode 11, spouses Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula broke the fourth wall and advised Carl to be as honest as possible about what was said when he spoke to Sharon and Lou. 

On WWHL, Carl said that their advice wasn't the reason why he decided to pull Lindsay aside to share more about the conversation. 

"No, I was [going to tell her], because even in couples therapy, I literally said out loud, 'I'm so afraid of this coming out later on when we're actually married and this being a blindside," he explained.

Carl Radke reacts to Lindsay's comment that he wasn't "crushing life"

Though Carl and Lindsay couldn't get on the same page about his next career move when Summer House Season 8 filmed, Carl does get why the former PR rep was so focused on the subject. 

"I was a little surprised, I think you can see it on my face," he said on WWHL about hearing Lindsay say that he wasn't "crushing life."

Split of Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard

"However, I think she was coming from a valid place of concern if you're getting married to someone, you want to understand where their career is going," he continued. "And I had taken the last seven, eight months to really figure that out, but I want to highlight [that] I was bringing in money. We both were bringing in money."

He clarified that his comments about their respective incomes from sponsored social media posts were "stupid."

"I made some stupid comments about influencer stuff, but all I was trying to highlight was I've been bringing in money, so is she," he said. "It wasn't as much as her, but I was."

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