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Dr. Scott Metcalfe Reveals the Truth About His Life Coach at the Married to Medicine Reunion

Dr. Contessa Metcalfe's husband also addressed his behavior earlier in the reunion and the photo on his phone.

By Laura Rosenfeld

Dr. Contessa Metcalfe's husband, Dr. Scott Metcalfe, had the Married to Medicine crew and fans alike scratching their heads this season over the mystery surrounding his life coach.

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To recap, Dr. Scott first told Dr. Contessa that he had been speaking to a female life coach for about six or seven months. Dr. Contessa appeared to be confused since this was the first time she was hearing about this, later expressing that she didn't believe her husband was being truthful. Later during the Jekyll Island trip, Dr. Scott said that his life coach was actually a man.

We finally got to the bottom of the life coach situation during Part 3 of the Married to Medicine Season 8 reunion, which aired on July 18. As host Andy Cohen spoke to just the men of Married to Medicine, Dr. Scott admitted that he never had a life coach. "And so, I made all that up, right. I don't know if I was just being immature in saying she got a life coach before I did," he confirmed. "And the way I was saying it, she knew, after we had that conversation, she knew in her head that I did not have a life coach."

Backstage, Dr. Contessa said that she still didn't know what the truth was. "He says 13 other things 13 different times. Every time he says something different," she told Dr. Jackie Walters and Dr. Heavenly Kimes. "I have no idea."

Dr. Scott then explained why he appeared to be so caught off guard when Quad Webb revealed earlier in the reunion that Dr. Contessa had filed for separation. "Yeah. Like I said, maybe I heard wrong, because the way I heard Quad saying, like, it's active, it's happening now," he shared. "Or maybe Contessa didn't tell Quad we've been at home, that we never left one another, and that we were at home working things out."

Quad Webb Confirms That Contessa Metcalfe Has Filed for Separation from Husband Scott

When Andy brought up that Dr. Contessa going away to school to get a master's degree in public health was in part to give each other some space, Dr. Scott said "that was over a year-and-a-half ago" and they were "not really" leading separate lives at the time. Dr. Scott confirmed that he and Dr. Contessa are monogamous.

It was also revealed that the Metcalfes had put their house up for sale after Dr. Contessa filed for separation, but Dr. Scott later pulled the listing.

When the ladies returned to join their husbands on the set, Dr. Scott explained why he would make up that he had a life coach. "'Cause I wanted to at that time because I was being stupid," he shared. "It don't matter. I said it." 

Dr. Contessa said that one moment this season that "really bothered" her was when Dr. Scott showed Dr. Eugene Harris and Cecil Whitmore that he had a photo of an aesthetician in his phone. "I did a pre and post picture of me getting a facial," Dr. Scott explained at the reunion, after which Dr. Contessa confirmed that he later took it down from his social media.

As this part of the reunion wound down, Dr. Contessa addressed where she and Dr. Scott go from here. "We've go to make some progress," she said. "We've got to start actually start saying we're gonna identify these things and we're gonna work on these things, because it is, the kids are a big deal."

The Married to Medicine Women Rally Around Contessa Metcalfe: "Ultimately We Want You to Be Happy"

"You don't stay in a marriage for kids, but the kids are a great, big deal," Dr. Scott added. "We stay in a marriage because we want to, because I know that I love her, I know that I see so much potential even when we digress."

The rest of the group said that they had hope that Dr. Contessa and Dr. Scott could work things out.

After the men left the reunion set, Dr. Contessa shared with the rest of the Married to Medicine ladies and Andy how she was feeling after an emotional day. "I'm OK. It's normal. I think the only difference is now maybe everybody won't just blame me for everything. And I've done everything I can to work on my marriage. I love my husband. I think he's the best thing in the world. I'm his number one cheerleader. I'm his biggest fan. But I can't convince him of that," she said. "But I'm happy that now maybe he will see that you guys, you know, you're supporting him, you're rooting for our marriage, and that you have good intentions, because maybe then he'll open up a little bit more to you."

During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen in June following the Married to Medicine reunion taping, Dr. Contessa revealed that she and Dr. Scott had started couples therapy and she was "optimistic."

In an interview with Essence last week, Dr. Contessa shared that she is taking her therapist's advice to wait before moving forward with a divorce or making any other major decisions about her marriage. “We filed the first set of paperwork in March. Well, I did,” she said. “Things have kind of progressed a little bit. I am still in therapy and the therapist asked that we wait six months before we proceed with anything.”

Whatever the future holds for the couple, Dr. Contessa said that she's not going to let it affect their children, which includes daughters Lauren and Laila and son Landon, or her friendships. “Why is it necessary to be contentious? Just because there’s a problem with our personal relationship. It doesn’t mean that it has to be something that I’m arguing about in front of my children or in front of my friends,” Dr. Contessa said. “My daughter is in second grade. We will always and forever be a family. The last thing that I’ll ever do is let something going on between me and my husband spill over into our friendship or family relationships.”

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