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Dr. Contessa Reveals Where Things Stand with Dr. Scott Following the Married to Medicine Reunion

Dr. Contessa Metcalfe shares the current status of her marriage after it was revealed that she had filed for separation.

By Laura Rosenfeld
Quad Webb Confirms That Contessa Metcalfe Has Filed for Separation from Husband Scott

Viewers watched Dr. Contessa Metcalfe open up about her marital issues with her husband, Dr. Scott Metcalfe, and work toward rebuilding their relationship this season of Married to Medicine. But during the Season 8 reunion, it was revealed that Dr. Contessa had made a major decision about her marriage. 

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In Part 1 of the reunion, Quad Webb shared that Dr. Contessa had "filed for separation," later adding that the doctor going away to school to get a master's degree in public health was in part to give each other some space. "I thought I was giving him time," Dr. Contessa said at the reunion. 

Though Dr. Scott seemed surprised about Quad's revelation, calling it "a sneak attack" as he watched from backstage at the reunion, he later said that he knew about Dr. Contessa's filing when he appeared on set with the Married to Medicine cast during Part 2 of the reunion, which aired on July 11. 

The couple went on to share that they had talked to their kids, which includes daughters Lauren and Laila and son Landon, about what was going on in their marriage, which Dr. Scott described as "the worst conversation in my life."

Dr. Contessa said that she and Dr. Scott, who celebrated their 16th wedding anniversary in May, still "need help" in their relationship, reiterating to her husband that "the one thing I want in life from you" is to go to couples therapy. "With everything trying to keep our relationship strong and together, you don't think I put in A for effort?" Dr. Scott told his wife, which was met with silence from Dr. Contessa and the rest of the group.

Dr. Contessa then opened up about the hardships that have plagued their marriage for years. "Ever since we've been married it's been tough, and divorce comes up way too much, way too much. Our fights get toxic, they get volatile. Our fights are horrible. I don't like that," she shared. "I grew up in a very, very volatile home, and I said I would never want to be in a volatile home, but I live in a volatile home."

"Volatile is we just argue and we go below the belt, and it's mean and it's vicious," Dr. Contessa continued. "All these little scars create wounds, and it's now at the point where I am, I'm raw."

Dr. Scott didn't agree with how Dr. Contessa characterized their marriage. "I mean, we argue and we disagree, but I'm just saying it's not volatile," he said.

Dr. Contessa got emotional as she confirmed that she didn't want her marriage with Dr. Scott to end. "I just don't want Groundhog Day over and over again. I feel like my head is in a dryer. Like, I don't know what's real and what's not. Like, it just makes me crazy," she explained. "This doesn't feel like happiness and love. You can't just say anything and talk crazy to me and then expect me still to love you."

During a discussion about Dr. Scott's social media activity, in which he denied doing anything further than commenting on photos sent to him in his DMs, Dr. Contessa said that "social media ain't even remotely the problem." Ultimately, she said that the problem is "different philosophies about what being married looks like." "This has been a long time, same s--t, different year," Dr. Contessa added. "This is [I'm] what I'm in control of. I've got to do me. I've got to be me. It's a choice. Every day is a choice."

The Married to Medicine cast and their husbands then took a break in which Dr. Contessa told Dr. Eugene Harris that she and Dr. Scott are still "working through" their issues. She later got emotional as she emphasized to the ladies how much work she has already put into getting her relationship back on track. "I have three kids, the stakes are so high," Dr. Contessa said through tears.

The Married to Medicine Women Rally Around Contessa Metcalfe: "Ultimately We Want You to Be Happy"

Dr. Contessa appeared to be more optimistic about the future of her marriage during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen that took place in June after the reunion was filmed. "I think it has been a challenge for me because that's what I've been trying to communicate. It's difficult to get a clear answer from him," Dr. Contessa responded when asked about her husband's reaction to watching his behavior back this season. "We started therapy two weeks ago, so I'm optimistic."  

Dr. Contessa later reflected on the Married to Medicine Season 8 reunion during a recent interview with Essence in which she explained why Dr. Scott initially seemed so taken aback by Quad's announcement of their separation. "He didn’t want to talk about it," Dr. Contessa said. "Scott is a don’t-want-talk-about-it kind of person. He’s sort of like, 'We’ve handled that. Let’s not talk about that anymore.' That’s how he operates."

As far as where things stand between her and Dr. Scott today, Dr. Contessa said that she is taking her therapist's advice to wait before moving forward with a divorce or making any other major decisions about her marriage. “We filed the first set of paperwork in March. Well, I did,” she said. “Things have kind of progressed a little bit. I am still in therapy and the therapist asked that we wait six months before we proceed with anything.”

Whatever the future holds for her marriage, Dr. Contessa told Essence that she and Dr. Scott will always be a family. “We always say, ‘We’re either going to have a happy marriage or a happy divorce and six months is not going to change that,’” Dr. Contessa shared. “That’s the timeline that we’ve set for where we were going to go. We were in fast-forward motion.”

Dr. Contessa also revealed to Essence that she is currently working on a book that is helping her process her childhood and her marriage, ultimately aiding in her "understanding everything that’s going on with me, how I got here, and how it contributes to everything else that’s going on.”

We'll hear more about the Metcalfes' marriage as the Married to Medicine reunion continues, including the mystery surrounding Dr. Scott's life coach. Part 3 airs Sunday, July 18 at a special time of 10:15/9:15c. Catch up on the Bravo app.

See what's coming up in Part 3 of the Married to Medicine Season 8 reunion, below. 

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