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What to Know About the Porsha's Family Matters Drama Before She Returns to RHOA

The episodes of The Real Housewives of Atlanta spinoff ran in 2021. Porsha Williams took a hiatus afterwards.

By Sophie Vilensky

If you're someone who appreciates a fair bit of messiness in your reality TV, you're right at home here at Bravo — and if you're looking for a recommendations, here's a great one: The Real Housewives of Atlanta: Porsha's Family Matters is about as dramatic as they come.

How to Watch

Watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta on Peacock and the Bravo App.

Released as an accompaniment to The Real Housewives of Atlanta at the end of Season 13, the limited series followed then-cast member Porsha Williams and her family (including her ex Dennis McKinley and then-future husband and now ex Simon Guobadia) on a vacation to Mexico.

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While the retreat was planned (lovingly, I might add, by Porsha's sister Lauren Williams) for healing and relaxing, the drama never seemed to subside. Security was called, angry words were exchanged, and hands were thrown at least once.

"I don't know how we're going to come back from this. I'm just so sorry for whatever part I played," Porsha said during Episode 6. And if you want to know how we got there...

Porsha Williams posing in a black outfit.

Where can I watch episodes of Porsha's Family Matters?

All seven episodes of Porsha's Family Matters are currently available on Peacock, the official streaming partner of Bravo. You can find the series by searching "Porsha's Family Matters."

It's also available on or on the Bravo app, where you can find it listed at the end of RHOA's Season 13.

Porsha's Family Matters premiered on Bravo on November 28, 2021 and lasted for seven episodes.  

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"The series will follow Porsha and her family as she navigates life following her whirlwind romance and engagement to Simon Guobadia, with her family and fans getting to learn more about her future husband in the series," shared while announcing the series. 

Porsha Williams speaking into a microphone while looking at her fiance Simon Guobadia

Who was on Porsha's Family Matters?

Besides Porsha, Simon, Dennis, and Lauren, a number of their family members joined the dramatic Mexican retreat (and the show as a whole).

For instance, Dennis's mom, Mama Gina, was along for the ride. However, she didn't make it to the final dinner in Mexico due to an altercation the night before.

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Other family members from Porsha's father's side included Lauren's mom Lisa, her paternal cousin Londie, and their Aunt Liz. Porsha's mother Diane's side included her Aunt Darlene, her cousin Storm, their family friend Esther, and Grandma Iona.

Lauren Williams and Simon Guobadia at an event together

Why did Porsha Williams' extended family go on a "healing retreat" to Mexico?

With Lauren pivoting her career to focus on yoga and meditation, she decided her family could benefit from some internal work.

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"I want to introduce it to my family because I want them to be happy and healthy too," she said.

Another goal? Giving everyone a safe space to express what they were going through. 

Dennis McKinley Predicts the Family Vacation in Mexico Will Turn Into "Messy-Co"

What problems were expected on Porsha Williams' extended family vacation?

"A lot of families, they sweep things under the rug, and they don't want to address issues that are in front of them," producer James Brangert said while appearing on Bravo's Chat Room in August 2022. "Porsha and her family hit all the uncomfortable topics head-on, and they did it directly. And as much as the trip was supposed to be zen, it was, uh, not."

As you make it through the seven episodes, you can see how the separate sides of a family have opposite temperaments. In addition, it's clear Porsha's mom and dad's side don't always get along.

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"If I had to compare the two, Porsha's mom's side of the family ... I'm not calling them country bumpkins, but we were raised differently," Londie shared in Episode 3. "It's definitely a difference." 

For what was supposedly a relaxing retreat in a beautiful place, those issues were expected to lead to some disagreements. But was resulted was a lot of arguing.

A Tequila-Filled Day May Ruin Porsha Williams' Dream of a Blended Family

What were the major issues that occurred on Porsha's Family Matters?

There was so much drama on this show that it's hard to pinpoint just a few storylines.

On one hand, Porsha's family was questioning the story around her relationship with Simon: Was he really single when they got together?

On another, Porsha was upset that her ex, Dennis, brought a date on the trip.

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On yet another, Dennis's mom, Mama Gina, alleged that Porsha also cheated on Dennis during their relationship — which was the source of the aforementioned altercation that left her excluded from the final night's dinner.​​​​​​

In the final episode, Londie (the paternal sousin) and Porsha also got in a fight because Londie didn't like the way Porsha had been treating her.

And there's was a lot more.

"What Are Your Imperfections?" Porsha William's Family Puts Fiancé Simon Guobadia in the Hotseat

What is currently happening with Porsha Williams' return to RHOA?

After taking a break from RHOA, Porsha announced in February 2024 that she'd be returning to the series for Season 16.

Days after the announcement, she announced her intention to divorce Simon.

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Her return to the series, however, is still a go — and part of a larger production deal with Bravo's parent company, NBC Universal.

"I’m incredibly thankful for the vision and faith NBCUniversal has put in me to be a larger part of their family,” she said in her February statement announcing her return to RHOA for Season 16. “I’m looking forward to being back on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, and showing the world my new world!"

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