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The Daily Dish Million Dollar Listing New York

Fredrik Eklund Explains How His Marriage with Derek Kaplan Has "a Good Balance"

It has something to do with their twins for the MDLNY couple. 

By Jocelyn Vena
Fredrik Eklund Marriage Update

Fredrik Eklund has always been a goofy guy. Even though he's a top seller in the world of real estate and shows off his business side on Million Dollar Listing New York, he has never been shy when it comes showing off his silly side as well (high kicks, anyone?).

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And when it comes to parenting his two twins, Freddy and Milla, who he shares with husband Derek Kaplan, that's also the case. You see, Derek tends to be the stricter dad.

He said in a phone interview with The Daily Dish that the dynamic "is good. It’s the best because he likes routines, and he wants to be on schedule and he will not allow too [much] messiness. I’m sort of the more messy person, and more of the kids, more like them, I guess. I don’t know. It’s a good balance."

There's also a balance in how the twins take after their dads, as Fredrik noted.

"There’s this image of ourselves which is true in many ways, you know? Milla is biologically mine. Freddy’s biologically Derek’s. They have the same mother, a donor, but we are, she looks very much like me, and he looks very much like Derek. So, personality-wise, too, I would say. The funny thing is I have an easier time with him and Derek has an easier time with Milla. It’s not that it’s a tough time, and I hear that from apparently a lot of parents that have done what we’ve done. There’s something really beautiful about that, that’s sort of a crossing over. I have a beautiful relationship with both of them, but Freddy and I are so close and Milla and Derek are so, so close," he said.

Time is also flying by at home as the twins are already starting school. Yes, school.

"It’s like a bittersweet, like I wrote on Instagram, it’s a really bittersweet moment because I feel like, holy moly, they’re turning 3 this year, at Thanksgiving. It’s gone so fast. It’s true what everybody says: the days are long, but the years are so quick and there’s something a little bit, I’m not sad, but there’s something, like, I cannot believe they’re starting school," he said. "I know it’s only pre-K. It’s not actually, like, school school, as I think about it, but still, it’s just every night now I hug them and every morning when they woke up, I’ve just been cuddling them in, I have a special cuddle chair there in the baby’s room, and I just, the baby days are almost gone now 'cause it’s gone so fast. So when we did go last week [to the school], Freddy un-announced sang the whole alphabet in front of them, I mean, every letter. The teachers, their jaws were dropped. And Milla can count to 100 which I think is pretty good."

Fredrik has been sharing with the world his life with the kids in their new YouTube children's show, Milla and Freddy's Adventures. Still, between the show and school, he's all about them just being kids.

"For 3 years old, I think I’ve trained them well. But also to let them be kids, you know? I just want them to go back to being, I let them be crazy and dirty sometimes," he explained. "We eat together dinner and breakfast every single day. And we try to converse over dinner, but seems to me like a little while some time ago."

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