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Take a Look Back at Jacqueline Laurita’s Children Over the Years with These Adorable Pics

Ashlee Holmes, Chris “CJ” Laurita, and Nicholas Laurita have grown up since first appearing on RHONJ with their mom, Jacqueline Laurita.

By Jamontae Hickman

When The Real Housewives of New Jersey premiered in 2009, Jacqueline Laurita gave viewers a glimpse at her loving marriage with her husband, Chris Laurita, and their journey as parents raising their young sons, Chris “CJ” Laurita and Nicholas Laurita, as well as her teenage daughter, Ashlee Holmes, from a previous relationship.

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During her seven-season run on RHONJ, Jacqueline openly shared many aspects of her life, including the challenges she faced while raising Ashlee early on and Nicholas' autism journey. Fast forward to today, Jacqueline's children are all grown up — Ashlee has started her own family, CJ is working at his father's company, Velocity Global Brands, and Nicholas is a thriving teenager.

While it’s clear that Ashlee, CJ, and Nicholas’s lives have evolved, we like to still think of them as the kids we met 15 years ago. So join us on a trip down memory lane with Jacqueline’s kids with the most adorable photos from their early years.

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Ashlee Holmes is "best friends" with her mom 

Four images of Jaqueline Laurita and her daughter Ashlee Holmes from baby to child

Ashlee was born in Las Vegas, Nevada, on December 1, 1990, and like most kids, she formed an instantaneous bond with her mother. Before moving to Franklin Lakes, New Jersey, when she was only 17, Ashlee spent most of her life in Sin City with her mom, stepdad Chris, and little brother CJ.

During a confessional in Season 1 of RHONJ, Ashlee opened up about the unbreakable bond she and Jacquline shared, saying, "My mom is one of my best friends; we fight like we're friends too." She continued: "I like that she's a young mom. She's like the mom from Mean Girls." 

Baby photos of Jacqueline Laurita’s daughter, Ashlee Holmes

With a fabulous mother like Jacqueline, you better believe that Ashlee was always impeccably dressed whether for her birthday party or an impromptu photo shoot.

A baby Ashlee Holmes in a white dress and bow next to a large white birthday cake
Ashlee Holmes, daughter of RHONJ Jacqueline Laurita as a baby holding a teddy bear
Ashlee Holmes as a baby wearing a large bow headband


Ashlee Holmes from the Real Housewives of New Jersey as baby wearing her hair in a half ponytail

What's more, the mother-and-daughter duo also happened to have a love for dressing up in tutu costumes

A cut out image of Ashlee Holmes in a ballet dress holding a wand on a purple background
Ashlee Holmes as a child in an Easter dress and bow sitting in a white wicker chair

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Young Ashlee Holmes wearing costumes 

Long before Ashlee found her passion for the beauty industry, specializing in various makeup techniques such as bridal and prosthetic makeup, she loved dressing up in adorable costumes. Over the years, Ashlee has portrayed a genie in a bottle, a patriotic performer, and even wore matching silly teeth with her mom and stepdad. 

A collage of Ashlee Holmes from RHONJ as a child wearing a red genie costume
A young Ashlee Holmes in an Americana-themed outfit leaning against a column with a red striped hat
Jaqueline Laurita, husband Chris and daughter Ashlee wearing fake teeth

Ashlee's fondness for dressing up also grew during her years of ballet training.

A young Ashlee Holmes wearing a magenta sequin ballet dress and slippers

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Ashlee Holmes' school life

Although Ashlee hasn't talked much about her time in elementary and middle school, one of her extracurricular activities was cheerleading, as shown in the photos below.

A fake cheerleading magazine cover featuring young Ashlee Holmes
Ashlee Holmes as a child in a blue and white cheerleading uniform on a fake magazine cover

Ashlee was even crowned district champ top cheerleader when she was only 13 years old.

Ashlee Holmes spends time with brother CJ

Ashlee Holmes and CJ Laurita smiling together in an old photograph

In the past, CJ enjoyed being in the spotlight as a child, especially when he was in front of the camera with his family, including his older sister Ashlee. The brother and sister duo made many memories together, which is shown in the adorable photos above.

Surprisingly enough, Jacqueline got to update her family photo scrapbook with a new snapshot of her two oldest kids in May 2024, when they reunited to celebrate Memorial Day weekend.

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Jacqueline Laurita’s Son CJ Over the years

CJ Laurita from the Real Housewives of New Jersey wearing a NJ Devils hockey hat at a hockey game

CJ grew up fondly attending hockey games, hiking, and hanging out with his family.

Jacqueline Laurita's son CJ as a child wearing a puffy coat in the woods

It seems that he also took an interest in learning how to play poker, as seen in the photo with a stack of poker chips in front of him.

A young CJ Laurita sitting at a table in front of stacks of black poker chips

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CJ Laurita cosplaying as his father Chris

Like father, like son. As a child, CJ was inseparable from his dad and even found himself mimicking Chris’ day job. Little did CJ know that more than a decade later he would be following in his old man’s footsteps and working at his apparel company.

A young CJ Laurita sitting behind a cluttered desk talking on the phone
A baby Nicholas Laurita sitting behind a desk in front of a computer monitor and keyboard

Nicholas also got in on the work from home shenanigans as well.

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Brothers CJ Laurita and Nicholas through the years

CJ Laurita kissing his younger brother Nicholas on the cheek in a chair as children

In this heartwarming, throwback snap, CJ can be seen giving his baby brother Nicholas a kiss on the cheek.

Young CJ and Nicholas Laurita wearing matching white shirts and striped ties

The sons of Jacqueline and Chris have remained close over the years with the two even strengthening their bond by twinning in a few outfits.

Jacqueline Laurita's sons CJ and Nicholas holding hands in a narrow hallway
CJ Laurita holding up his brother Nicholas in matching blue striped shirts on the beach as children

When the siblings didn’t dress alike, they spent their downtime relaxing in their family’s jacuzzi tub.

Jacqueline Laurita's sons CJ and Nicholas in a hot tub as children

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Nicholas Laurita’s relationship with his father Chris Laurita

In Season 5, Episode 2 of RHONJ, Chris surprised Jacqueline by having their son Nicholas express his love for her after having him work with a therapist.

Chris Laurita from the Real Housewives of New Jersey kissing his son Nicholas and holding a lollipop

Jacqueline opened up about the emotional moment in 2013 in a blog post on “This was an emotional episode for me to watch. Talking about Nick's Autism diagnosis is still very new and painful, although there's hope. My husband told the truth when he said I was very emotional. I still have my moments of weakness, but I gain my strength from those moments,” she wrote.

Real Housewives of New Jersey cast Jacqueline Laurita's son Nicholas as a child with very blue eyes

Jacqueline continued: “The support of my husband, my family, my friends, and all those that have reached out to us have given me my strength, hope, and encouragement to keep up the fight to recover our child. Thank you for that! XO!”

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Jacqueline Laurita’s son Nick is all smiles as a young boy

Jacqueline Laurita's son Nicholas as a child opening a wooden door wearing a white sweatshirt

Little Nicholas appears to be happy as he tries to open a door in the picture above.

Nicholas Laurita from the Real Housewives of New Jersey smiling looking through clear plastic
A young Nicholas Laurita smiling outside with trees behind him

Jacqueline has recently shared updates about her son Nicholas, celebrating his achievements such as getting straight A's in 7th grade, showcasing his drawings of people, and sharing videos of him singing.

Ashlee Holmes, CJ Laurita, and Nicholas Laurita celebrate Christmas

Ashlee Holmes, Nicholas Laurita and CJ Laurita in front of a fireplace decorated for Christmas as children

The Laurita family has always been enthusiastic about celebrating the holidays, and Christmas is no exception. In a 2011 blog post on, the mother of three explained how she and her castmates share similar holiday traditions. "I noticed that one of the things our families on this show have in common is our love of food and the ridiculous amounts of it we make for a holiday (or any other day for that matter)," she wrote. 

Ashlee Holmes as a child in a Christmas dress holding a present in front of a tree
Jacquline Laurita's son Nicholas as a child standing in front of a lit Christmas tree

One tradition that Jacqueline's kids have always looked forward to every year during the December holiday season is baking sprinkle cookies. She reflected on the memory in a past chat with Real Mr. Housewife, saying, "It’s been a traditional Christmas favorite cookie to make in our house for years because they are easy to make and the kids enjoy making them..." 

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More candid moments of Jacqueline Laurita’s kids over the years

Jaqueline Laurita's daughter Ashlee Holmes as a child smiling with a friend

Ashlee fan girls over meeting Lil Bow Wow.

Jacqueline Laurita, husband Chris and son Nicholas in a car with other friends
A young Ashlee Holmes from the Real Housewives of New Jersey sitting with her grandmother
Jacquline Laurita's son Nicholas as a child wearing a red plaid sweater

Ashlee, CJ, and Nicholas's childhood were truly amazing as the trio created countless memories with various family members.

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