James Lipton Does 'Rappers Studio' with Snoop

James Lipton Does 'Rappers Studio' with Snoop

Watch the Actors Studio host's hilarious spot at the BET Awards.

By Hilary Hughes

The BET Awards last night gave us tons of unforgettable moments, but the biggest laugh riot of them all came when James Lipton spoofed his own Inside the Actors Studio with an Inside the Rappers Studio sketch alongside host Snoop Dogg.

In the show's opening monologue, Lipton and Snoop walked through some of the more memorable on-screen moments of the rapper's "illustrious acting" career, with Lipton inquiring about Snoop's "craft" for his roles in Training Day, Baby Boy, and, obviously, Soul Plane. Watch it below.

"I love to fly, James, and it shows!" said Snoop of his stint as Soul Plane's pilot, Captain Mack.

"Are you saying you have a pilot's license, like me?" replied Lipton.

"Oh no, not by any means. I have a medical license, which allows me to fly a little bit higher than you."

Lipton and Snoop go way back: when Lipton revealed in an interview earlier this year that he was a pimp in pre-war Paris, Snoop took to his Snoopify app to create a pimpin' portrait of him.

We think Inside the Rappers Studio would be a great idea for a spin-off! Do you? Let us know in the comments.

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