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We Have a Huge Update on Patrick Dallas and Safari Foxe's Relationship After Their Engagement

The Kandi & The Gang couple reveals what people get "wrong" about their relationship and the latest on their life since the Season 1 finale.

By Laura Rosenfeld
Daily Dish Kandi And The Gang Patrick Dallas Safari Foxe

After a season full of chatter surrounding their relationship, Patrick Dallas and Safari Foxe really gave everyone something to talk about in the Kandi & The Gang Season 1 finale.

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In the episode, which aired on May 8, Patrick popped the question to Safari at Old Lady Gang's Friday Night Vibe event — and she said yes!

Even though Patrick had always made it clear that he intended to propose to Safari ever since they started dating, she still did not see this moment coming at Friday Night Vibe. "It was, like, a huge surprise. I knew he was eventually gonna propose; I just didn’t know when," Safari told Bravo Insider during a joint interview with Patrick prior to the Kandi & The Gang season finale airing. "Like, it [was] basically over [the] top of my expectations with the fireworks and everything. It was beautiful."

Patrick kept his cool during the party, right up until it was almost time to propose. DonJuan Clark memorably stumbled upon an anxious Patrick behind the door of the Employees Only section of the restaurant during the episode. "It was so crazy ‘cause I wasn’t nervous or nothing until the time came. Then I got really nervous. I was like, oh my god, I was sweating, I was pacing back-and-forth. But I was still excited, ‘cause I knew she was gonna say, yes," Patrick told Bravo Insider. "I thought I would’ve been more nervous before we got to that moment, but I didn’t get nervous until that moment. I just felt, like, butterflies in my stomach. And I just felt happy. I felt like I got the woman that I deserved, and I was just ready to start this new journey with Safari's beautiful self."

Of course, Patrick had been planning his proposal for a while, making sure to meet with Safari's dad in the hopes of getting his blessing. "I was excited to meet with Safari’s father. That was my first time meeting him, and I felt like it could’ve went better, but it didn’t go as bad," Patrick recalled of their golf outing earlier this season (clip below). "I felt like it was a good meeting. I just didn’t know if he gave me the blessing or not. I was confused."

Patrick Dallas Asks His Girlfriend's Father For His Blessing

But one thing was clear for Patrick after that meeting. "What I took from the conversation with Mr. Abdul, I realized that, as long as his daughter's happy, he’s gonna be happy, and he doesn’t care," Patrick said. "So, I took that as a I have his blessing."

"Yeah, my dad’s really like that," Safari chimed in. "Like, he’s not gonna give a decision or a choice. He just goes with the flow, and he supports me in anything I do."

Safari said that she actually really enjoyed seeing this moment between the two special guys in her life as she watched the episode. "I thought that was really, really funny. Like, I was laughing the whole entire time ‘cause it was an awkward moment," she said. "But I know my dad, so I kind of figured that was gonna happen. But it was really hilarious to me."

With Safari's father giving Patrick his seal of approval, it was time to actually plan the proposal. Patrick turned to OLG's resident event planner and organizer of Friday Night Vibe, Torin Mitchell, for his help in popping the question to Safari. "I wanted this proposal to be magical and memorable, and I knew that Torin would definitely hook me up with this. Normally, I have Safari to help me out with stuff, but this was a surprise for her, so I needed Torin’s expertise, you know? He’s great at what he does, and he made it very magical for Safari. She shed a tear," Patrick told Bravo Insider. "She shed many tears. So I had to have Torin help ‘cause I couldn’t have Safari’s help. But if I could’ve had her help me plan her own engagement, that would’ve been lit."

Still, the engagement was lit — literally — with the words "marry me" revealed in giant light up letters as Patrick got down on not one but two knees to propose. After Safari said yes, fireworks lit up the night sky. "It was amazing," Patrick said of his Friday Night Vibe proposal. "I’m a big show-off, and I feel like Safari is my big prize that I deserve and she’s so awesome. And I just wanted to show her off to the whole entire world, and to the restaurant, and I wanted them to see what Patrick really loves so much, because they’re used to seeing Patrick in a different light, and now they get to see the person that makes Patrick just change his whole opinion."

Daily Dish Kandi And The Gang Patrick Safari 02

Safari said that she remembered just being moved to tears during the proposal. "It was emotional. Like, I was crying. I was actually trying to hold my tears back, but it was still a lot of tears coming out," she recalled. "To have everybody there watching me, I was crying super hard, but I was like, I’ma just let it out and be myself ‘cause this is how I really feel. But it was so beautiful."

There was not a dry eye in the house during Patrick and Safari's engagement as all of the Kandi & The Gang crew cheered the couple on during their big moment. But it definitely wasn't easy getting to this point as Patrick and Safari faced criticism of their relationship among the group throughout the season. "A lot of people are wrong. So, like, I don’t really go deep on that because I know how our relationship is in real life," Safari said. "A lot of people misunderstand our relationship, and they don’t understand how I am or how we interact with each other."

Patrick shared a similar sentiment about how he's unaffected by others commenting on his relationship. "I don’t care what people think. I’m a little better at that than my baby, Safari," he said. "‘Cause it’s like, I know what’s real. I know how we are, like she did. We know how we interact with each other, and we happy and I be telling her that’s what matters most."

Specifically, Safari said that people have the wrong perception of her being "mean" and "controlling." "I’m not mean at all, and I don’t control anything Patrick does," she explained. "It was just the whole housewarming thing and Torin decorating, and there’s actually reasons behind it."

There was a lot of talk this season about Safari asking Patrick to not invite his ex, Shawndreca Robinson, to his housewarming party. "That wasn’t really addressed so much. It wasn’t explained, and a lot of people took that as me being insecure, and I’m not insecure at all. I really feel highly about myself. Sometimes, people think I’m cocky," Safari said. "But I feel like I wasn’t able to express how I felt about that or really go into detail of why, and the reason why is because of their past relationship."

Safari also said that she didn't have the best interaction with Shawndreca when they met for the first time at OLG. "That was my first impression of her, and I just felt like that wasn’t OK," Safari said. "And I didn’t want the energy around me."

Patrick came to Safari's defense over the housewarming party drama. "They think Safari’s mean, but she’s really sweeter than sweet tea, you know? So that was it. She’s a very beautiful person on the inside and out," he said. "I just don’t like that people, they feel like they have a problem with me just making sure my woman is comfortable, you know? Nobody would want their ex thing at their house. Like, nobody would. So, a lot of people on the Internet were saying stuff like, 'Oh, she’s not the one. She don’t deserve you,' and all that. She does deserve me, and they just mad ‘cause their men don’t respect them and put them first."

Safari added that everyone in the Kandi & The Gang cast agreed with her decision to not have Shawndreca at the party, including Patrick, who said that he wouldn't have wanted to be at a party with his fiancée's ex, either. "Yeah, not at all," Patrick said. "And I definitely would’ve been acting way worse than her if she would’ve tried me like that."

For the record, Shawndreca was unbothered by Patrick and Safari asking her and her fiancé, June, to leave the housewarming party, tweeting her reaction to the Kandi & The Gang moment on April 17: "We have better things to do."

Safari said that she isn't dwelling on her past tension with Shawndreca. "I have no problem with her at all. It was just, I didn’t like her coming to the housewarming. That was it. Like, I never have beef or any problem with her. It was just a respect thing because I felt like if I wasn’t welcomed into the restaurant, then she shouldn’t be welcomed into my boyfriend’s house," Safari explained to Bravo Insider. "It’s just like, me, I felt it from her side. And she’s trying to make it seem like it’s my side, but I felt it from her side when I came into the restaurant."

Patrick also said that he doesn't have any issues with Shawndreca. "I never had a problem with Shawndreca," he shared. "I still don’t have a problem with Shawndreca."

When it comes to the Kandi & The Gang cast overall, Safari said that she didn't know if they were fully supportive of her and Patrick's relationship after this season. "I’m not sure, honestly, ‘cause I don’t really talk to them that deep," she said. "I know for a fact Shawndreca thinks it’s fake. She said it, and the other cast members felt like we weren’t gonna last."

Patrick said that he also didn't know what everyone really thought of their relationship, but he's not "thinking about stuff like that" anyway. "It don’t matter what they think to me," he said. "I’ll be like, oh well, we’ll show you better than we tell you."

Daily Dish Kandi And The Gang Patrick Safari 03

The couple does have the support of other loved ones, however, who are "so excited" about their future nuptials, according to Safari. "They wanna be a part of the wedding, they wanna help us plan," she said. "They’re just excited for our new future."

"Yeah, my friends, they love it," Patrick added. "They knew I was gonna marry Safari, because they see how she makes me feel and how she makes me float."

As far as their wedding goes, the couple is in the very early stages of planning. "I know for a fact I do want it to be kinda warm outside. So, it would be have to be, like, in a spring or summer season," Safari said. "We’ve been enjoying each other so much. We have to, like, really start planning."

It already seems like they're husband and wife to Patrick. "I feel like I’m already married," he said. "We just need babies."

Although Patrick is ready to become a dad right now, Safari said that she wants to start a family a little further down the line. "I wanna wait a little bit, so we can, like, enjoy each other, be married, travel the world," she shared. "So, I’m thinking, like, maybe a year or two."

Patrick's family also can't wait for him and Safari to start welcoming little ones into the world. "And my mother wants to be a grandmother real bad," he said. "So, I wanna have a baby for her, too."

For now, Safari and Patrick are in engaged bliss. "It’s been amazing. It’s been a really good time. It’s really peaceful," Safari said. "We've just been loving each other and learning each other in this time."

Daily Dish Kandi And The Gang Patrick Safari 01

At the end of the Kandi & The Gang Season 1 finale, we learned that Patrick and Safari had moved in together. "Our house is big and beautiful, and I have a lot of space. And I love my man cave, and she cooks a lot," Patrick told Bravo Insider. "She feeds me and be nice to me all the time, so I love it. Being engaged is fun."

Moving in together was an "easy" transition, according to Safari. "We naturally get along. We have chemistry," she said. "So, it's never been a hard moment for us to live together at all."

Patrick noted that they had already been spending so much time together at each other's places. "We was always together, so it always kinda felt like we lived together," he said. "We had two houses, and now we got one."

And no, Patrick and Safari have not consulted Torin on the interior design of their home, as his input on Patrick's apartment memorably caused a stir this season of Kandi & The Gang. "Safari’s been doing a great job decorating our home," Patrick said. "I don’t think we gonna use his expertise on this home."

Safari wanted to make it clear, "And that is Patrick’s decision, not mine."

As Patrick and Safari become lifelong partners, they might even become business partners one day. "We work really good together," Safari said. "We’re always giving each other ideas. Even, like, in the visual stuff, we’re always helping each other, so that comes natural to us."

Patrick said that Safari's skills as a businesswoman is one of the things he admires most about his fiancée. "Safari, like, honestly, she’s the biggest boss I know other than Kandi [Burruss]. Like, seriously," he said. "That’s one thing about her. She’s a big boss. I look up to Safari, too."

The couple was extremely supportive of each other's current business ventures this season of Kandi & The Gang, including Safari's non-surgical body sculpting business, Body By Safari, and Patrick's Peau Confiante body essentials line. "Most of the stuff we do, we do together," Patrick told Bravo Insider.

And that's how we saw Patrick and Safari navigate all of the challenges of putting their relationship out there on national television — together. We have a feeling that's exactly how the couple will embark on this next chapter, too.

As the interview with Bravo Insider came to a close, Patrick made sure to mention one last thing about his love: "Just put in there, Safari treats Patrick amazing."

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