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The Daily Dish Kandi & The Gang

Kandi & The Gang’s Shocking Season 1 Finale Ends with Someone Getting Fired from OLG

Find out who is — and isn’t — still working at Old Lady Gang today.

By Laura Rosenfeld
Daily Dish Kandi & The Gang Employee Fired

Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker have made some personnel changes at their Old Lady Gang restaurant.

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The Kandi & The Gang Season 1 finale, which aired May 8, ended with Rashard Roles, aka Shardo, being let go. Shardo had been a host at another restaurant of Kandi and Todd's in Atlanta, Blaze Steak and Seafood, and Kandi hired him at the beginning of this season to help out with the front of house at OLG as well.

As this season of Kandi & The Gang came to a close, OLG’s senior management expressed some concerns about Shardo’s performance. Specifically, DonJuan Clark brought up to Kandi, Todd, and Phillip Frempong that Shardo had been caught drinking at the restaurant while still on the clock.

Later in the episode, during OLG’s Friday Night Vibe event, Shardo explained what actually went down during that aforementioned incident. “I wasn't drinking while working, guys. That is absolutely not true,” he told Kandi, Todd, DonJuan, and Phillip. “It was after eight o’clock. I get off at eight o’clock. I cannot clock out unless a manager clocks me out. Y’all were having a meeting downstairs. And I had a drink.”

After Shardo said that he paid for the drink, Phillip noted, “The drink was rung in after we acknowledged that it was actually liquor.”

The lack of clarity in the situation did not sit well with Todd. “Own your s--t. If you did, ‘I did, I messed up,’ and then you can move on,” he told Shardo. “But when it gets gray and it’s lies, it gets a little weird, you know what I’m saying?”

DonJuan then asked newly promoted maître d’ Shawndreca Robinson if Shardo had committed “a terminatable offense.” She said yes and claimed that Shardo had also taken money from a customer to move them up in the line to be seated at a table.

Shardo said that wasn’t true, but Phillip had heard enough. “You think at the end of the day you’re not replaceable?" Phillip said. “I will host myself.”

When Shardo asked if he was fired, Phillip replied, “You are.”

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Kandi explained to Shardo why he had to be let go. “Shardo, I like you. Everybody knows that. But at the same time, you can’t be doing stuff like drinking on the job,” she said. “And you damn sure can’t be taking money from people to get moved up on the line. That is an absolute no-no. I’ll fire a family member for taking money.”

Kandi remarked in an interview during the episode how she’s not usually involved in these kinds of decisions regarding the OLG staff. “I don’t really get into the hiring and firing, but it’s frustrating,” she said. “Like, do you not want your job?”

Todd concluded, “After a certain point, we have to part ways.”

After a season full of uncertainty over who would still be employed by OLG, the Kandi & The Gang Season 1 finale ended with updates on each of the cast members six months after the Friday Night Vibe event.

Torin Mitchell revealed he is still doing events at OLG. “We actually are working on Friday Night Vibe,” he said, before promising, “Baby, it’s gonna be some kind of epic.”

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Phillip confirmed that he is still serving as the director of operations, and he and boyfriend Felipe are going strong.

Speaking of couples, Brandon Black and Dom'Unique Variety shared that they are still dating, although the issue of their employment at OLG while they remain romantically involved is another matter. “I still work at Old Lady Gang at the moment. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of talk that I have to move to Blaze because of Brandon and I’s relationship,” said Dom, who also confirmed that she did go to London for her dancing gig and had “the most amazing experience.”

She advised, “You all are fraternizing with your managers and whatever, please don’t do it if you really love your job.”

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Shawndreca also still works at OLG, but she had an even bigger update to share at the end of the Kandi & The Gang season finale. "Me and [fiancé] June purchased our first home, and now it's just time for us to plan our wedding," she revealed. "And we will be having a housewarming party, and everyone is invited."

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Patrick Dallas and Safari Foxe took us inside their new home. The couple moved in together following their engagement in the season finale.

Brian Redmond is currently living his best life. “Oh my god, life is going so, so good. My sobriety is going very well,” he shared. “I decided to sign with Todd and Kandi for the Soul Roll business, so that restaurant is coming very, very soon to a stomach near you.”

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In fact, OLG is doing better than ever these days. “The restaurant now is busier than ever, and the lines are down the street,” DonJuan said. “It is the place that everybody wants to be, and we’re making changes for the better.”

However, a generator is still not among those improvements after the power went out at OLG at the beginning of this season. “You don’t know Todd? Todd ain’t getting no generator,” Phillip said at the end of the Kandi & The Gang season finale. “He gon’ find a way [laughs].”

Kandi & The Gang is streaming on Peacock and available on the Bravo app.

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