Kathy Griffin Talks 'Shame-Based' Dating on 'Chelsea Lately'

Kathy Griffin Talks 'Shame-Based' Dating on 'Chelsea Lately'

Comedienne says she's a "teen mom" to her 33-year-old boyfriend.

By Mike Hess

Two very funny ladies with talk shows converged on Tuesday night, as Bravo's own Kathy Griffin sat down with friend and fellow funnygal Chelsea Handler for a bit of a pow-wow on all things Kathy.

The two went back-and-forth on Chelsea Lately, and the talk kicked off with a little tale about how Chelsea offered to be on Kathy's new show (the appropriately titled Kathy), but the snippy Griffin said no ... for now.

"She has made alcoholism so cool and trendy. Promises is going to close down. I've never had a drink in my life ... it's cool I do tons of whip-its!"

"I am determined to have civilians and you are too famous and successful and well known and I fear you're not going to talk crap about celebrities because you hang out with celebrities and can't be trusted. When you're on the Time 100 honey, you're not welcome on my show," Griffin joked.

But fear not, Kathy-Chelsea lovers: Handler will appear on Kathy this summer along with Whitney Cummings, making for one funny female trifecta.

Things then progressed into dating territory -- one of Chelsea's favorite subjects -- and Griffin had no problem copping to dating a much younger fellow who's 18 years her junior.

"Don't judge! It is shame based on my part, but yes, I am 51 and he is 33. I'm like his teen mom. He's like a regular guy, but I like regular guys."

After her last very public relationship, Griffin hinted that she's in need of a regular fellow. "I dated Levi Johnston -- I went to Wasilla, Alaska and knocked on Sarah Palin's door."

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