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Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula Have an Explosive Argument: “I Can’t Do This Anymore”

The fight went down after Kyle accused Jesse Solomon of flirting with their Summer House castmate Paige DeSorbo.

By Joshua Espinoza
Kyle Cooke Puts Jesse Solomon on the Spot In Front of Craig Conover

Amanda Batula didn’t bite her tongue. 

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Upon returning to the Hamptons for Summer House Season 8, the New Jersey native made it clear she and Kyle Cooke were in a bit of a slump. The couple were admittedly on “different pages” when it came to communication and the next steps in their relationship, including a potential move from the Big Apple. Although these issues have led to several on-screen arguments between the husband and wife, none have been as intense as their blowout in Episode 6.

As seen in an episode sneak peek, the drama went down during a dinner in which the cast discussed some of their dating preferences. Summer House newbie Jesse Solomon said he was good at making big decisions but wanted a partner who could handle smaller matters, like what to order at a restaurant. Paige DeSorbo was among those who immediately disagreed with Jesse’s comments, which prompted Kyle to stir the pot. 

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Kyle Cooke accuses Jesse Solomon of flirting with Paige DeSorbo

A split of Kyle Cooke, Paige DeSorbo, Craig Conover, and Jesse Solomon.

“So, let me ask you, now that you know that Paige doesn’t want to do the ordering, do you want to rethink how hard you were hitting on her the first couple of weekends?” he asked Jesse.

It was quite a bold move considering Paige’s boyfriend, Craig Conover, was at the table and had just met Jesse earlier that weekend.

“Alright, let’s air that out: Was I hitting on Paige the first two weekends?” Jesse asked while sitting just a few feet from Craig and Paige.

“She’s a pretty girl,” Craig interjected. “I would, too. You don’t want to date someone that wouldn’t get hit on.”

Amanda Batula blasts Kyle Cooke: "Shut your big mouth"

Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula having dinner in the Hamptons

Although the Southern Charm-er was seemingly unfazed by the exchange, Amanda was clearly upset with her husband’s question.

“Why would you do that?” she asked Kyle. “The way that I’m going to murder you in your sleep tonight, you have no idea what’s coming for you.”

Kyle insisted it was just a joke and questioned why Amanda reacted so strongly.

“Amanda, it’s funny. Would you relax?” he said. “You’re wound up like a ball of yarn. What is your problem? You’ve been giving me nonstop sh-t ever since I got into the house, aside from that one kiss you gave me.”

Amanda addressed her feelings in an episode interview, saying Kyle needed to learn to think before speaking. 

“Just put some thought behind your words and don’t just say things,” she said. “You don’t always have to say something. Use those little ears, Kyle. Shut your big mouth.”

Jesse Solomon insists he has no beef with Kyle Cooke

The scene then cut back to the dining room, where Jesse reassured Kyle there were no hard feelings. 

“I mean, bro, it was a little outrageous to call me out in front of her boyfriend,” Jesse said with a laugh. “But, like, I love ya, and it was funny.”

Amanda eventually confronted Kyle one-on-one and said his actions at dinner were “embarrassing.”

“Why did you bring that Jesse sh-t at dinner?” she asked her husband. “Why did you say that at dinner? Because now everyone’s talking about how f—ked up it is that you called him out and it’s so embarrassing that you do that. I’m pissed. You look like an a--hole… Have some respect for people.”

You can check out the sneak peek above, and catch the full episode on March 28 on Bravo. 

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