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The Daily Dish Shahs of Sunset

What’s Next for Mercedes “MJ” Javid and Tommy Feight? “Happily Ever After”

The Shahs of Sunset couple opens up about their evolution as a couple.

By Jocelyn Vena
MJ Walks Down the Aisle in True MJ Fashion

Shahs of Sunset fans have watched Mercedes “MJ” Javid and Tommy Feight right from the start. They have candidly taken fans inside the many twists their relationship has taken: from their courtship to their wedding day, and now also their lives as parents to their son, Shams Francis Feight, who turns 1 this April.

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They spoke to The Daily Dish, via email, about the way their relationship has evolved with the addition of baby Shams and where they see their romance going next. And, yes, their confessions got a little spicy. What else did you expect from these two?

The Daily Dish: What kind of love advice do you have for other couples?

MJ: Listen, actually listen. It's something I'm learning to do, and when I do, I understand the reason behind our disagreements and as a result, we have less of those. 

What advice do you have for single people?

MJ: Advice for men: Keep chivalry alive. Don't text them during booty call hours (unless that's all you're looking for). Don't decide you like a girl based on their Instagram. Advice for women: Take your time to get to know him before you obsess over him. Women usually create a story about who the man is before they get a chance to get to know who he really is. Let the man chase YOU. In the long run, relationships work well if the man feels like he pursued you hard.

What was your best Valentine's day?

MJ: That one time (which recurs every year) where I thought Valentine's Day was too corny too celebrate, so we didn't.

Tommy: Any Valentine’s Day with my wife was my best Valentine's day. Anything before that, I can’t remember. 

What was your worst Valentine's Day?

MJ: One year during torrential downpours, I ate an entire pot brownie, ghosted my date, and went on a cleaning rampage in my flat. 

TF: Any Valentine’s Day with my wife. Anything before that, I can’t remember. 

What is your Valentine's Day philosophy?

MJ: Way too many single people define their self-worth based on what they're doing that day. It's all a sham, love yourself! V-Day should be for self-love only! It should become a universal law.

TF: Don’t forget it's Valentine’s Day because SHE is going to remember.

What does being married mean to you?

MJ: Being married to me means supporting each other to live your best lives, both as individual people that don't lose their identity. Stay adventurous while growing together and building a beautiful lifelong relationship.

How did it change things for you?

MJ: For the first time in my life, I began to understand how to love and take care of another human, which gave me a greater sense of responsibility than I had ever had before. Oddly enough, not for myself.

TF: When you say marriage, I say my wife. My wife has made me a better partner, a better father, and a better human.

Do you think having a baby will change Valentine's Day for you?

MJ: Sure, I'm down to do all the sweet, goofy, loving things for my baby.

TF: Right now, yes. The baby monopolizes a lot of your time, so it’s difficult to make Valentine's Day what it would normally be.

How has Shams changed your relationship in general?

MJ: It's undeniable that your love for another person grows once you've created a life together. All the challenges and adjustments of having a baby have brought us a new life perspective for which we are stronger, more bonded, and more in love.

TF: It has given me a newfound love, respect, and appreciation for not just her, but women in general. She went through the gates of hell to bring him into this world, and even on the days that I can’t stand her, if I see his face, I still love her so much.

What was the moment you knew you were in love with Tommy?

MJ: When he made multiple hospital trips with me every single day of the week to see my father without flinching. He knew that was the only place we needed to be. It showed me that as different as we were, that we come from the same place; our most important values are aligned.

What do you love most about each other?

MJ: His passionate devotion and loyalty to those he loves.

TF: Her caboose.

What's next for the two of you?

MJ: We can't wait to start sharing our crazy, beautiful life with the world!

TF: Happily ever after.

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