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The Daily Dish The Real Housewives of Potomac

Monique Samuels Spills All the Details on Her New Potomac Home — Including *That* Shark Tank

"I like sparkles, so it’s definitely gonna shine," the #RHOP mom said of her new abode.

By Laura Rosenfeld
Where are the Potomac 'Wives Now?

Say hello to your new, fierce resident, Potomac! Monique Samuels purchased a new home in the uber-prestigious community, which we saw this season of The Real Housewives of Potomac, and now she's putting the finishing touches on the abode as she gets ready to move in completely.

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And if you've been waiting in anticipation to get a glimpse of the nearly 12,000-square foot space yourself, you're not the only one who's been dying to see the finished product. "Oh, it’ll just be nice to have some peace. Chris [Samuels] and I, since we were engaged, we were literally packing up one house, moving to Alabama, unpacking that house, and then at the end of the football season, packing that house up and moving back to our home in Vienna. And we did that every year for four years," Monique told The Daily Dish earlier this summer. "No more packing and unpacking. This is it."

Monique's new Potomac home, as seen in this season of RHOP.

The reason why Monique has been anticipating her move into her new Potomac home so much is because it's been about a year in the making since purchasing it in the fall of 2016. Renovations on the home weren't able to begin until January of this year due to the contractor's schedule, according to Monique. Since then, she has switched things up in the six-bedroom, eight-bathroom space, changing the likes of the wallpaper, window treatments, light fixtures, flooring, the backyard, and turning a library into a playroom for her children, Christopher and Milani.

Monique said that she was hoping to update the house and make it look more modern but also keep its original rustic-chic vibe, going for what she calls a "Miami chic meets log cabin" look. "It has that timeless, wooden house kind of feel. But it has some modern twists to it, too. We introduced a lot of crystal and a lot of metallic. And it’s like a silver metallic. So we took the gold out of the house completely. We darkened the floors. And we actually refinished them, so they have a nice semi-gloss coat on top. And we took some of the barn wood out. So it still has a rustic feel, but it’s like a modernized rustic," she explained. "I like sparkles, so it’s definitely gonna shine."

And yes, Monique did, in fact, install a real-live shark tank in her kitchen, as we learned during the season finale of RHOP.


Monique's family of four has already begun to grow, thanks to their new Potomac home — just not in the way that she expected. "One of the main things that I was begging my husband [for] was the previous homeowner, who was also the builder on the home, she had a lot of dogs, and it actually has a dog run and a dog area. Like, he has his own little run, and it goes right into the side yard where he can run and use the bathroom and everything. And I was like, 'Chris, we have to have a dog,' because he kept telling me no. And I’m like, 'We have to have a dog. We have to have a dog to put in this space. Like, what else are we gonna do with it?'" Monique said. "So he finally broke down, and we agreed on getting a German Shepherd. So now we have our German Shepherd, Zulu, and he’s 8 months old."


Of course, Monique's Potomac pad is just her latest home purchase. She and Chris own four other homes (their main home in Vienna, Virginia, a house in Newburg, Maryland, Ashburn, Virginia, and Virginia Beach), which caused a bit of a stir when she informed the other RHOP ladies of that fact this season. Though the new Potomac home brings their total to five properties, Monique said that she and Chris plan on selling their Vienna home once they're all moved out. "We were debating on keeping it and possibly renting it out, but we already have one rental property. And just that one is a lot of work. And quite frankly, I don’t have the time to deal with another tenant with a house this size, because I just think that’ll be non-stop things going wrong. Owning one house is enough work," she explained. "So I actually want to get rid of one, maybe even another house. But my husband is not having it. So, we’ll sell Vienna. And then our home base will be in Potomac, at the new house."

But Monique has already started thinking about her next real estate purchase. "You never know. We were actually talking about maybe getting like a townhouse or condo in LA. My sister and my brother both live there — my brother lives in Hollywood — and we’ve been going back-and-forth to visit them a lot. So I was even flirting with the idea of maybe getting like a townhouse or something, so that we could rent it out when we’re not there," Monique said. "And then when we come in town, obviously, we have the space for the kids. I travel everywhere with my babies, so it’s nice to be able to have a refrigerator and a washer and dryer when you’re traveling with kids. And they love traveling and getting to a new place and playing around. They love hotels and everything, but just to be able to have an actual home would be nice. So we’ve been talking about that, so we’ll see."

Monique Tells Gizelle to Leave Her House

Once she and her family are all settled in the new crib, the RHOP mom said that she can't wait to start entertaining. We mean, did you see that epic birthday party she threw to celebrate her daughter turning 1 year old this season of RHOP? "So yeah, definitely entertaining guests is like part of the makeup of me and my husband," Monique gushed. "Like, we really enjoy having people come over and just catering to everybody. We just get a kick out of it. We love people pleasing. And we’ll definitely be entertaining at this house." 

Monique said that she's planning on extending an invitation to the other RHOP ladies when she's ready to unveil her new home — even Gizelle Bryant, who she came into constant conflict with this season. But on one condition. "Yeah, I’ll probably invite most of them if they know how to act [laughs]. I don’t wanna have to kick nobody outta this house," Monique joked, referring to when she memorably asked Gizelle to leave her game night party this season of RHOP. "But no, Charrisse [Jackson Jordan] has come over — she’s actually come over a few times. Like, I did a photoshoot there and she came by and hung out with me. I had a bottle of Champagne for her. And we always get together. So Charrisse has been there quite a bit. And she keeps messing with me saying that the in-law suite is gonna be, like, her room when she comes over. So Charrisse is funny. But we only live 6 miles away. So it’s pretty nice. We’ll be close by each other."


Luckily, Monique said that there hasn't been any drama surrounding her move to Potomac from her pals — yet. "It’s been nothing but love. There hasn’t been anything other than congratulations. We’ll see what happens when I throw this housewarming or something," she shared. "I might throw a little house blessing, have my pastor come over and pray for it, and maybe that’ll help set the tone for when we do have guests, and they’ll know how to act right and I won’t have to kick anybody out. So we want a fresh start in Potomac."

Go inside all of the RHOP abodes, below.

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