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The Daily Dish Newlyweds: The First Year

Newlyweds' Craig and Brandon Talk Mixing Business with Pleasure and Their Friendship with Jeana Keough

The #Newlyweds are putting a new spin on beauty and fitness with their company Fit and Phab. 

By Emily Exton
#RHOC Meets #Newlyweds with Craig, Brandon and Jeana!

As we saw on the Newlyweds The First Year Season 3 premiere, California's own Craig Ramsay and Brandon Liberati had a glamorous Palm Springs wedding (with more than a few notable attendees). But did you know the couple has deep Bravo roots?

Craig and Brandon 'Say I Do!'

Craig, a celebrity fitness expert, was a featured trainer on Bravo's Thintervention with Jackie Warner in 2010, where he met cast member (and Real Housewives of Orange County alum Jeana Keough). Today, Craig is working with his hairstylist hubby on Fit and Phab, a unique lifestyle company that combines their expertise in health and beauty. "Our message is empowering as we teach what we call 'conscious fitness and beauty,'" the couple says of Fit and Phab, which makes at-home visits (as seen in the clip above, where they threw a fitness/beauty party for Jeana and friends) and has services in Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, and Palo Alto. The couple spoke to The Daily Dish about putting in the work towards both their growing business and relationship, fitness trends that need to go, and their penchant for all things Housewives.  

What’s it like being in a relationship and working together?  

Craig and Brandon: Our business like our marriage is for better or for worse — which not only is exciting and transformative, it can also be demanding and dramatic! It is next to impossible not to bring that to work when you and the other CEO are newlyweds.

What are three things people can do to start the new year on the right foot?

Buy yourself a curling iron, start pumping iron, and call Fit and Phab for instructions!

Craig, what was your experience like on Thintervention with Jackie Warner

Craig: My experience was… tumultuous to say the least. I had a simple role on the show: show up and shut up. I am thankful for the great friendships and clients, such as Jeana Keough, that I have made and sustained from Thintervention. I am now sharing my style which is an effective, unique, and entertaining approach to weight loss in my own endeavors with Fit and Phab hubby…. stay tuned.

Were you a Real Housewives fan before you met Jeana? 

Craig: No, but after meeting Jeana Keough is when I became a Real Housewives fangirl! I’m now addicted to every city (and country — hey, Melbourne!) of the franchise. Now that I’m a housewife with a Beverly Hills zip code where do we sign up?

How would you describe Jeana in three words

We learn something new about Jeana every time we are with her; she has had a career that blows us away! From Nagel model to Playboy playmate, ZZ Top’s muse, TV actress — the list goes on We would describe Jeana as amazing, kind, amazing, loyal… did we say amazing? 

Is the party you threw for Jeana and her friends a typical example of what Fit and Phab does?

The Fit and Phab party we threw for Jeana was typical in the sense that we provided our fitness and beauty combo evening with a hell of a lot of fun and entertainment. We offer numerous types of services, we have hosted everything from corporate events, cruise ships, and have even been hired by moms like Jeana to entertain their teenage parties with our flare of style. Our message is empowering as we teach what we call “conscious fitness and beauty.” We cater the content and information to the event or theme that has been given.

Craig, are there any workout or fitness fads you hope will die in 2016? 

Craig: A Kipping Pullup, often a CrossFit staple exercise that has you flipping your body up like a hooked fish swinging your chin over the bar. This movement looks like a fish out of water and will have your body out of the gym with an injury. That excess movement of the legs and lower spine place way too much unwanted force on your shoulders. 

Unless there is a specific medical reason for you to be on the elliptical, GET OFF! It upsets me so much to be at a gym and see people being way too comfortable on those machines when they could be challenging their athleticism more on the Treadmill, Stairclimber, or even stationary bike. Because when you challenge your athleticism you WILL improve your physique. That’s what we need to all strive for with our fitness programming. 

Brandon, what’s the most common hair or beauty mistake people make?
Brandon: Listening to their BFF. Unless they have the credentials to be giving you hair, makeup, and fashion advice, don’t take it, ask a professional. DM me, @brandonliberati!

Brandon, which Real Housewife do you think has the best hair?

I choose Beverly Hills! Oh, you said HousewiFe not HousewiVes… If I have to choose one — ooooh that’s tough. I love a good ponytail that can hold up through emotional and spontaneous fleeing from scenes, so I choose Kyle Richards.

What are your hopes for Fit and Phab in 2016? 

Our Fit and Phab business has taken off, we are traveling around the world providing people with the motivation and tools necessary such as our fitness DVD, Workouts a Drag, and style journey CD, Beauty Muse-ic,so everyone can feel beautiful on the inside and out. In 2016 we will be shopping for a Fit and Phab storefront. The world needs our gym/beauty salon combo. 

What’s been the toughest part about the first year of your marriage?

One of the toughest parts of the first year of marriage for us has been giving what the other person needs without compromising who you are and what you need. We always say being versatile is important in a marriage. There’s nothing wrong with taking one for the team.

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