Patti Stanger's Using Her Own Rules to Find Love

Patti Stanger's Using Her Own Rules to Find Love

The Matchmaker practicing what she preaches.

By Lauren Metz

Rules weren't made to be broken, especially when they belong to Patti Stanger. "I'm not sleeping with anyone – no sex before monogamy," the Millionaire Matchmaker tells People about following her own infamous don't-give-the-milk-away-for-free command. 

After a seven year relationship, Patti ended her engagement to Andy Friedman, but she's not concerned about ending up in the nursing home alone, as she likes to threaten her millionaires. "I'm fielding offers and seeing who's out there," says the newly size 2 love hunter.

Part of that get-back-out-there-attitude included attending her own dating mixer, shown on this season's Millionaire Matchmaker. "It was scary as hell... I'm very quiet and shy in my personal life, as hard as that is to believe," she confesses. So how did it go? Well, Patti hasn't deleted his number. "We're still dating other people, but we keep in contact," the 50-year-old adds.

And you can bet when they hang out, Patti's looking the part. "Clothes should be fitted. No woman should be walking around in boho. It might look great on Rachel Zoe, but we all don't have her body," Patti spills to Today. "J.Lo and Kim Kardashian are great examples of women who know how to show off their curves and we should all take a page from them. It's important to dress for your body type."

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