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Austen Kroll Reveals His True Feelings Amid the Olivia Flowers, Taylor Ann Green Drama: “I Love Her”

Southern Charm's Austen Kroll set the record straight in a conversation with, believe it or not, his ex Madison LeCroy.

By Allison Crist

Charleston’s finest officially embarked on their impromptu trip to Jamaica organized by Craig Conover during Southern Charm Season 9, Episode 11 on November 30. However, despite being so far away from home, the group couldn’t outrun the drama concerning Austen Kroll, Taylor Ann Green, and Olivia Flowers.

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Austen found himself discussing said drama with, believe it or not, his ex-girlfriend Madison LeCroy at one point, and it was during this conversation that he made a bold revelation about his true feelings.

The confession came after Madison shared her own theory about Austen's feelings. To see what both Southern Charm cast members had to say keep reading.

Madison LeCroy’s Theory on the Austen, Taylor, and Olivia Love Triangle

Expressing her thoughts on Austen's respective relationships with Taylor and Olivia, Madison said, "I've seen you, I've seen your face, I've seen your demeanor. I feel like you love Taylor."

There's just one complication, though: Shep Rose. However, Madison noted, "I would hate for you to not pursue something because of other people."

Specifically referring to Shep, she added, "That motherf-cker over there is the most selfish person in the entire world. I know deep down you really do have a good heart. I know you don't want to hurt him, I know you don't want to hurt Olivia, but at the same time, what do you want to be happy for you?"

composite of Austen Kroll, Olivia Flowers, Shep Rose, and Taylor Green.

Does Austen have feelings for Taylor Ann Green or Olivia Flowers?

Austen prefaced his response about his feelings for Olivia and Taylor by explaining of the latter, "At one point, there was a thought, and then Taylor kind of made a move and then I was like, 'Wait a minute, is this something?'

However, Austen's "rom-com ending" would not be with her. "It's not Taylor," Austen said. "I was confused there for a sec. And I thought that her and I vibed, but it was all over hurt for f-cking Olivia."

"This whole talk about Taylor, it's not about her," Austen continued. "It was always about f-cking Olivia. I f-cking loved her. It was always about her. Like, I go to therapy because of Olivia because I should've ended up with her."

Madison asked why he can't pursue something with Olivia now, but he simply responded, "I don't know, Madison."

"Why can't I be happy with this f-cking person who is f-cking perfect?" he added. "What am I gonna do?"

Austen Kroll sits on a couch on the beach on Southern Charm Season 9 Episode 11

How Olivia Flowers Feels About Austen Kroll

Olivia, meanwhile, wasn't pleased to see Austen engaged in a conversation with his ex. "The thing about Austen, you just don't know what you're gonna get with him," she explained in a confessional. "He's very confusing and can be a little bit manipulative. It's just like once again a reminder of why I didn't want him in my life in the first place."

What's more, she told Craig Conover, "Logically, I know he's not the person for me."

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