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The Daily Dish Tabatha Takes Over

What Has Tabatha Coffey Been Up to Since Tabatha Takes Over?

Get ready for the outspoken hairstylist's return to Bravo.

By Laura Rosenfeld
Business is Business

For five seasons, Tabatha Coffey whipped struggling businesses into shape on Tabatha Takes Over. Now the famed hairstylist is making her triumphant return to Bravo, and this time it's personal.

Tabatha will soon help family-run businesses take their companies to the next level in Relative Success with Tabatha Coffey (working title), a new series coming to BravoAnd that's not all that's new and exciting in the entrepreneur's life. The Daily Dish caught up with Tabatha on the red carpet of the Below Deck Mediterranean premiere party last week, and the always-outspoken stylist had a lot to say about her new project, what she's been up to since Tabatha Takes Over, and of course some amazing secrets to scoring gorgeous hair this summer. 

What have you been up to since we last saw you on Bravo?

Tabatha Coffey: Well, I've been working. I've never left the hair community, so I've been doing a lot with hairdressers. I've been working a lot. I've been running my company. I've been doing all of those kind of things. But I'm thrilled to be back on Bravo. 

What can you tell us about your new project?

You saw me for five seasons take over businesses that were really dire and doors were about to close and it was really a bad situation for them. This time it's different because the businesses that I'm going into, they're already successful. So they're doing well. They need tweaking. They need some clarification. It's also about passing the torch, so passing on that legacy from one generation to another and those family dynamics that come into play and parents not wanting to listen to their children's good ideas. So it's really going in and ironing through that clutter and helping them elevate them to the next level and be even more successful than they already are.

So it's a wide variety of businesses?

It's a wide variety. Small business, still, small businesses, which I love. Business is personal, and especially when it's a small business, it's really personal. You put your heart, your soul, all your money, all your time into it. And for a lot of these owners, they're getting ready to enjoy their life and enjoy the fruits of their labor and kind of ease out of the business and pass on the torch to their kids. And that always brings up that dynamic of we're always our parents' children. They don't view us as equals or good business people or successful or grown-ups and all of those kind of things. So a lot of it is sorting through the family dynamic that is going on, as well as the business implementation that people want to put in, whether it's a good idea or not.

What kind of advice do you have for working with your family?

It's tough, and the first piece of advice, which is the hardest part, is to take the family out of it. As soon as you open the door and you walk through that business, you're not mother and daughter or sister and sister or aunt and whatever anymore. You're businesspeople and you're equals or you're partners or the parents, the boss, whatever it is. And you need to treat them as such to not only have their respect, to have the respect of the other staff. So there is really no rite of passage. You have to work for that rite of passage and work for that legacy and keep it going. And that's a hard part that a lot of people having is really taking that personal emotion out of it. That's hard. That's really hard.

What are some of your best hair secrets?

Hair secrets? Oh God, 85 million. At the moment, especially if you're on the East Coast, obviously, because we're coming out of winter, and we're starting to come into summer, it's a time of year that everyone has a hard time with flyaways and frizzies and all of those kind of things. So a really good serum is absolute key. I totally believe in a really good brush. It can save you to not just smooth down your hair. If you are having a bad day and you're having little flyaways, dryer sheets work a treat. Just take a dryer sheet, rub it in your hands, and rub it over your hair. It'll take away any of those little flyaways and all those static pieces. And really protect your hair. A lot of people forget that they put sunscreen on their skin, their bodies. We're always really careful about that, but we forget that A, our scalp can get really sunburnt. A lot of people find sun cancer, unfortunately, especially guys when they're not protecting their scalp. And a really good conditioner can help to protect that but also protect your hair.

And a little Pink never hurt anyone!! #matrixdestination2016

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What's next for you?

Well, the new show, obviously. So filming the new show and getting that on the air and hoping that everyone loves it. That's exciting. I'm really busy at the moment. It's hair show season in the world of hair shows. So I've been traveling a lot doing business classes for business owners in the hair community. I've been doing a lot more editorial photoshoot work actually doing hair. So I've been pretty busy.

Relive Tabatha's tough love from Tabatha Takes Over, below.

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