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The Daily Dish Vanderpump Rules

Do You Remember These Vanderpump Rules Cast Member Hookups?

There have been so many romances and flings between your favorite SURvers.

By Sophie Vilensky

It's safe to say that there has been some overlap when it comes to relationships on Vanderpump Rules. (Honestly, the whole show was sort of founded on the concept.)

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"It's very difficult, when you have a restaurant like this and it's full of young, attractive people. If I fired someone every time they slept with another member of the staff, I'd have no employees," says Lisa Vanderpump during Season 1, Episode 1.

Still, dating anyone from SUR comes with complications.

"Personally, I don't think under any circumstances you should date a SUR girl," shared Jax Taylor in a digital clip from Season 1 with Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz. None of them took their own advice.

A decade later, if you're having trouble figuring out the web of VPR hookups, we don't blame you — but we are here to help. Keep scrolling to discover who's hooked up with who on Vanderpump Rules.

The cast of Vanderpump Rules Season 11 dressed in neutral and beige tones in a purle room overlooing LA.

Who did Lala Kent hook up with on Vanderpump Rules?

While Lala Kent and James Kennedy were once friends with benefits (their first hookup came the night of Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz's engagement party in August 2015 and played out during the Vanderpump Rules Season 4 finale), her most memorable cast hookup may have been with close pal Ariana.

"I don't know if I ever told you this. Ariana and Lala had been out all day drinking, and they're wasted. They're in my car, and Lala goes, 'Sorry, Sando, I'm just in love with your girl right now. Ariana, will you come in the back seat?'" Sandoval shared during Season 7. "Ariana climbs in the back and Lala just starts going to f-cking town, dude."

While Ariana wasn't mad people knew about the encounter, she wasn't happy with Sandoval for sharing her business.

"I'm not embarrassed or ashamed of what happened between Lala and I, but I do feel like Tom betrayed my trust by telling this story to his guy friends," she said during a confessional. "My sexuality is not something that is meant to sound cool to a bunch of dudes."

James and Lala later hooked up again while both were in new relationships.

Split of Lala Kent wearing a silver sequined dress and Ariana Madix wearing a beige dress.

Who did Tom Sandoval hook up with on Vanderpump Rules?

If we're not counting his iconic smooch with Tom Schwartz, Sandoval's list of SUR employee romances is short but dramatic. When he joined the show in Season 1, he was dating SURver Kristen Doute.

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Their long-term relationship eventually ended, and he ended up in a nine-year committed relationship with his close friend and fellow bartender Ariana Madix.

During Season 10 of Vanderpump Rules, news broke that Tom had an affair with another coworker, Rachel Leviss — the aftermath of which fans will see continue to play out during Season 11, and his relationship with Ariana ended.

A split of Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval in cream colored outfits.

Who did Tom Schwartz hook up with on Vanderpump Rules?

When Vanderpump Rules began, Schwartz was in a committed relationship with Katie Maloney. Their love affair — and eventual marriage — continued through Season 9, after which the pair shared they'd decided to get a divorce.

Schwartz's hands weren't entirely clean during his relationship to Katie: He has said he engaged in a make-out session or two while still committed, but hadn't ever really said with whom.

“I strayed a few times. There were times where I thought the relationship was gonna come to an end and I was a sloppy douchebag," he shared during a February 2023 appearance on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen.

Since then, he's publicly acknowledge two make-out sessions with his fellow cast members, despite the former couple having an agreement not to date within their circles.

He kissed Rachel while attending Scheana Shay's wedding in Mexico in Season 10, to Katie's chagrin. (“I just texted him and said, ‘I hate you. The anger and hatred I feel for you is unlike anything you can imagine and I’m never gonna speak to you or talk to you ever again," shared Katie when she found out.)

And, he's said he once kissed Scheana, which we found out in the Season 11 trailer during which he implied to Lala that it was while he was in a relationship with Katie. (As for what exactly went down with the "Good as Gold" singer? We'll have to watch and find out.)

Tom Schwartz wearing a beige jacket and white t-shirt while in a purple room overlooking LA.

Who did James Kennedy hook up with on Vanderpump Rules?

James was in his early 20s when he joined the cast of Vanderpump Rules​​ as a young busser who was in a relationship with Sandoval's ex Kristen. (Their relationship ended badly.)

Next came Lala, who was his friend-with-benefits — although he possibly liked her a little more than was reciprocated.

"We're friends that make out, and you can have anybody touch your peep, [but] you can never get mad if anything happens, because I've laid it out," she told him during Season 4, Episode 14.

In January 2016, James met his future fiancé Rachel Leviss at a New Year's Eve party. One month later, they made their relationship Instagram official.

After breaking things off with Rachel shortly before the Season 9 reunion, he found the love of his life: Ally Lewber, who fan met during Season 10.

James Kennedy wearing a beige jacket and white shirt while in a purple room overlooking LA.

Who did Scheana Shay hook up with on Vanderpump Rules?

Unlike her fellow cast members, Scheana has typically chosen to date (and marry) outside of her coworkers and cast members. (She's currently married to Brock Davies.)

However, word on the street — a.k.a. the Season 11 trailer — revealed that she once made out with Tom Schwartz.

Scheana Shay, Brock Davies, and Summer Moon posing together in front of lanterns floating into the sky in Las Vegas.

Who did Ariana Madix hook up with on Vanderpump Rules?

Aside from her nine-year relationship with Sandoval, Ariana had only had a couple of make-out sessions with cast members, including Stassi Schroeder and Kristen.

She did hook also up with Lala in the back of a car while Sandoval was driving — an encounter that he recounted to his friends in order to look cool during guys' night.

She's currently dating personal trainer Daniel Wai.

Ariana Madix wearing a coral off the shoulder dress at the Love Island Games set.

Who did Katie Maloney hook up with on Vanderpump Rules?

Katie began Vanderpump Rules in a relationship with Tom Schwartz, who she'd started dating in September 2011. The two eventually got married, but split up in 2022.

However, SUR manager Peter Madrigal revealed in Season 1, Episode 1 that the two had hooked up prior to her relationship with Schwartz. (He'd started at SUR in 2008 and Katie had started working there in 2009.)

She has not reportedly hooked up with anyone in the cast since her divorce.

Katie Maloney wearing a white jacket with a black tank top in a purple room overlooking LA.

Who did Peter Madrigal hook up with on Vanderpump Rules?

Peter might win the award for most cast hookups — but he did join the restaurant's team in 2008.

"SUR is a bit of a merry-go-round when it comes to relationships," said Peter during Season 1, Episode 1. "Yeah, it's a little crazy."

To start, Peter and Stassi dated for “several months” in 2010 before cameras even started capturing Vanderpump Rules. During a Season 5 episode they kissed once again, but the flame never officially rekindled. 

He also said in Season 1, Episode 1 that he'd hooked up with Katie.

He went on one disastrous date with Vail Bloom in Season 3, Episode 12.

Finally, he went on one (semi-disastrous) date with Rachel after her breakup with James.

Daily Dish Vpr Peter Madrigal

Who did Jax Taylor hook up with on Vanderpump Rules?

When we met Jax as an original cast member in Season 1, he was dating Stassi Schroeder, but the two eventually broke up

He also hooked up with Stassi's best friend Kristen, and had short-but-serious relationship with SURver Laura Leigh.

Eventually, Jax found the love of his life: Brittany Cartwright, whom he brought to work at SUR.

Still, their road to the altar wasn't easy: Jax also hooked up with another coworker while he was dating Brittany.

(You might be asking, "What about Vail Bloom? What about Lala Kent?" Those were nothing but flirtationships, but they made for good TV.)

Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright pose together at BravoCon 2023.

Who did Kristen Doute hook up with on Vanderpump Rules?

When VPR began, Kristen was in a longterm relationship with Sandoval.

However, sometime during their tumultuous relationship, she cheated on him with his close friend — and her best friend Stassi's on-again, off-again boyfriend — Jax. (Important note: the cheating happened while watching the movie Drive on Sandoval's couch.)

During Season 3, Kristen began dating James, a relationship that didn't last too long before she decided to swear off coworkers.

Kristen Doute On Watch What Happens Live

Who did Stassi Schroeder hook up with on Vanderpump Rules?

During Season 1 of VPR, Stassi and Jax were an item and shortly thereafter called it quits, though they continued to break up and get back together until the end of Season 2.

After she and Jax's relationship went up in flames the first time, Stassi began dating a coworker named Frank, though they quickly broke up.

(Oh, and she also used to date Peter way back before the show even started.)

Stassi eventually dated and married Beau Clark.

Stassi Schroeder Lights

Who did Rachel Leviss hook up with on Vanderpump Rules?

First known as James's girlfriend when she appeared as a guest during VPR Season 5, Rachel became a full-time cast member during Season 9. She and Kennedy stuck together until the end of that season, when they declared during the reunion that they'd called off their engagement.

During Season 10, Rachel went on a date with Peter and kissed a newly divorced Tom Schwartz at Scheana's wedding. Later, it was revealed she'd been having an affair with Sandoval, the then-boyfriend of Ariana.

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