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The Daily Dish Summer House

Inside West Wilson's "Doomsday" Party: "The Security Deposit Ain't Coming Back"

The newcomer did not disappoint with Season 8's final party. Stock up on costumes and decor inspired by the episode.

By Sophy Ziss

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In Summer House Season 8, Episode 14, the cast hosted a "doomsday" party spearheaded by West Wilson. And it looked... kind of amazing? So much so that we were inspired to put together a list of costume suggestions for hosting a similar event, which you can shop below.

We aren't sure how West picked this theme in particular, but it was obvious that he was enthusiastic about it. During a group bagel breakfast the morning of, Gabby Prescod asked what the housemates could all do to help West with party prep. He had a surprising answer. "Essentially, like, there's no rules to decorating."

"Cardboard and sh-t," he went on, "I think take it inside-out, and f-cking tape it to like windows and stuff." He added that "There's a lot of spray paint outside to make sh-t look scary." Let's break this down a little more.

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Amanda Batula, Paige Desorbo, and Ciara Miller at the Doomsday Party on Summer House
Ciara Miller and West Wilson dressed for their doomsday party on Summer House

What was the theme of West's Summer House party?

For a cast that's done out-of-this world alien nights and racetrack-themed soirees, the apocalyptic vibe felt like the exact right amount of "too much." As for why West chose this theme in particular? In an interview during the episode, he explained, "Doomsday is super hot right now, plus any excuse to wear makeup is f-cking tight." He went on to say that friends from both his home state Missouri and New York were invited to his event, so he put "his whole back" (among some other anatomical parts) into the planning.

An official name for the event was not shared during the episode, but from context clues, it's definitely giving a steampunk-esque, futuristic view of society. Imagine if you had a nightmare about Burning Man and then told West about it and he made it happen. At one point during the party prep, Ciara Miller questioned, "Apocalyptic?" to which Paige replied, "I think so." 

Ciara Miller dressed for the Doomsday Party on Summer House

As the cast teamed up to decorate the Hamptons house for the party, Carl Radke made an observation: "The security deposit ain't coming back." But the friends seemed pleased with their work. While spray painting and assembling random objects around the yard, Paige DeSorbo said "Wow, that looks so good!" 

The DIY was precisely what you'd expect from an end-of-the-world theme. Caution tape, "warning" and "keep out" posters, fallout signage, and more papered the exterior of the house, as did literal brown paper, plywood, and cardboard. The Hamptons estate was transformed from elegant beach house to in-case-of-catastrophe shelter, complete with loose tires on the lawn. It was giving less "welcome to our shared space" and more "you're cordially invited to hunker down in our shelter." Which seems like the precise vibe West was going for!

Kyle Cooke at the Doomsday Party on Summer House

Everyone got on board, with Paige, Amanda Batula, and Lindsay Hubbard stringing together decorations while Kyle Cooke, Carl, and Danielle Olivera spray-painted canvas tarps to wrap around the outside of the house. "Balloon Guy Joe" made another appearance, providing orange and white warning drums and general detritus to decorate the lawn with.

"You did good," Ciara Miller assured West as he surveyed the end-of-days setup.

By the time the party got going, there was a DJ providing entertainment, beverages flowing, and guests that looked like they came straight off the set of Mad Max movie. High buckled boots, camo, dark makeup, and more were abundant. Creepy details like fake crows and dangling doll heads completed the scene.

Everyone had a blast (no catastrophic-type pun intended), so if you're feeling inspired to throw a dystopian party of your own, we've made it easy for you with a few must-haves right here.

Shop Summer House doomsday party ideas

Not quite feeling the doomsday energy? That's understandable. Below, you can shop equally party-ready Summer House-themed merch without a "the end is near" vibe.

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