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Everything to Know About Whitney Rose's Husband Justin Rose on RHOSLC

Here's what to know about the dimpled father of five who appears on The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City.

By Sophie Vilensky

When Justin Rose joined The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City alongside wife Whitney Rose in Season 1, fans were quick to notice one major thing about the new cast member: His impressive dimples. But there's plenty more to know about the Utah-based sales officer.

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For instance, during Season 4, Episode 2, Justin revealed he was wearing crystals around his neck to help him communicate.

“Because lord knows I need the help,” he said. 

“We’ve been through a lot of transitions. Me starting my business, him losing his job, me going through unpacking trauma. So we realized that we’re not very good communicators,” Whitney shared while on a double date with Angie Katsanevas and Shawn Trujillo.

“That surprises me about you two,” Angie said.

Ready for some more surprises? Keep scrolling to learn everything there is to know about Justin.

Who is Justin Rose?

Justin Rose is a Utah native who attended Brigham Young University, receiving his degree in International Relations and Business Management.

Aside from his 30+ years of experience in direct sales, Justin is a proud Househusband — he even lists the honor in his Instagram bio.

Justin Rose, is wearing a black suit at the Season 3 RHOSLC reunion couch.

How did Justin Rose meet Whitney Rose?

Justin and Whitney's early relationship was a bit controversial: They met while Justin was Whitney's boss, and both were married at the time. They ended up leaving their spouses to be together.

"She fell in love with Justin. They had this illicit, torrid affair and, as a result, they were both excommunicated from the Mormon church," explained Heather Gay in Season 1, Episode 1, which featured the couple's 10th anniversary vow renewal. (Whitney later clarified that she wasn't excommunicated but rather chose to walk away from the church.)

In the same episode, one of Whitney's cousins apologized to her for doubting her relationship with Justin.

"I don't think I thought you'd be here 10 years from now when I went to your first wedding," the anonymous cousin said, prompting Whitney to explain that a lot of her and Justin's friends and family turned their back on the couple during the early days of their relationship.

"If I had to choose everything I went through to be with Justin — all of the judgment, all of the criticism, all of the pain — I would do it again. Because my life is so full," Whitney shared.

Whitney Rose and Justin Rose on the WWHL step and repeat.

What does Justin Rose do for work?

Justin is an executive in the direct sales industry. After being fired from his long-held position as Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at LifeVantage Corporation (a situation that was covered during Season 3 of RHOSLC), he began working at Awakend as the company's president in March 2023.

"Justin Rose made his debut at the young age of 12 in the Little League World Series. From the little league field to the sales field, Justin has carved a career building some of the most successful sales and marketing programs in the direct selling industry," reads his LinkedIn bio. "From sales development to field training and support, he’s driven by helping distributors reach their potential—a philosophy that usually involves one-on-one support and spending time in the field creating the type of incentives and promotions that drive growth."

While in between jobs, Justin was able to take some time off and enjoy his family.

“Justin is living his best life. He is taking naps, he’s driving carpool — it’s actually been a very beautiful thing for us, because after such a hard year, my husband gets to be home with our children,” Whitney shared during a February 2023 episode of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City After Show. “Like, as a mother, it is so meaningful to me that they have a dad that’s present in their life.”

Daily Dish Rhoslc Whitney Justin Rose Marriage

How many kids does Justin Rose have?

Justin has five kids. He has three sons — Austin, Christopher, and Trey — from his first marriage. He also shares daughter Bobbie and son Brooks with Whitney. He also has two step-grandchildren

During Season 2 Episode 5, Whitney shared that, while she would love a bigger family, more children are off the table for the Roses; Justin has had a vasectomy.

“I’ve always wanted more kids, but it’s not going to happen” she shared. “After Brooks was born, Justin went and got snipped and cut."

The beauty entrepreneur also shared how the surgery came to be.

“Justin and I negotiated and came up with an agreement to have two children. So I agreed to the vasectomy, but later on regretted it.”

Whitney Rose smiling in full glam and a puffer jacket.

Are Whitney Rose and Justin Rose swingers?

Hey, people have asked. During Season 1, Episode 4, Whitney cleared the air about rumors that she and her husband were swingers.

“I’m not a swinger,” she said. 

Still, years later, the conversation hasn’t stopped.

While Whitney noted in Season 4, Episode 11 that people maybe weren’t meant to be monogamous, she added during the Season 4 reunion that she wasn’t hinting at anything in her marriage. Instead, she said, she was suggesting that it takes a lot of work to be married in general.

Whitney Rose talking while looking away.

Why did Justin Rose stop wearing his wedding ring?

An argument between the couple played out on camera in Season 4, Episode 7 after Whitney noted that Justin had stopped wearing his wedding ring.

Whitney offered an update on Justin during Part 1 of the Season 4 reunion.

"The wedding ring is not fitting him, and I wasn’t made aware of that before he showed me how physically uncomfortable it was for him," she said, noting that he showed her that it was “physically uncomfortable for him” to wear. "After that moment, he started wearing it on his necklace."

And she said during the reunion that it wasn't even the ring she was really mad about.

“It wasn’t about the wedding ring itself, it was about the pressure I was feeling, the change in our dynamic,” she shared. “I actually feel bad.”

“In hindsight, Andy, it wasn’t about our relationship, it was about everything that’s happened over the last couple years,” she added. “Me going through trauma, work, friendships changing. … I had a lot on my plate, and the husbands are the ones we take it out on. Justin is a man of few words. He’s not the best communicator.”

“We’re doing much better," she concluded. "Justin is an incredible human being, and therapy has helped a lot.”

Whitney Rose Tells Her Husband She's "Not in a Good Space"

Originally published Oct 5, 2023.

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