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The Daily Dish Summer House: Martha's Vineyard

Nick Arrington Dressed as a Famous Sports Icon — and Got “Booed Off the Stage”

"Arthur Ashe was arguably one of the best tennis players of all time," explained Nick Arrington. But that was news to his housemates.

By Joe Dziemianowicz

An evening of friendly cosplay competition led to surprises and a history lesson for housemates in the second episode of Season 2 of Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard.

How to Watch

Watch Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard on Sundays at 9/8c and next day on Peacock. Catch up on the Bravo app.  

The object of the fun and games was to choose a decade and then dress the part of a character from that era, as seen in a new preview clip for the episode, airing Sunday at 9/8c.

Brand consultant Nicholas “Nick” Arrington served up 1970s tennis great Arthur Ashe, a renowned sports figure and social activist who’s clearly had made an impression on him. Nick believed he aced his cosplay efforts, but his housemates, just didn’t get it.

After giving him a reception that amounted to crickets, Nick got unceremoniously booed off the stage, as you can see in the clip, above.

Who is Arthur Ashe?

Arthur Ashe was a trailblazing American tennis player. He was revered not only for his sporting prowess but also his activism and efforts for equality. Ashe was the first Black man to win the US Open (1968), Australian Open (1970), and Wimbledon (1975), per His wins elevated him to iconic status in tennis history. 

Off the court, Ashe was a vocal advocate for civil rights and AIDS awareness. Ashe believed he contracted HIV through a blood transfusion, and ultimately died at age 49 in 1993.

His namesake Arthur Ashe Stadium is in Queens, New York.

What Happens in Episode 2 of Summer House: Martha's Vineyard

Nick knows Ashe’s history — and his look. To dress the part he wore glasses and raided his closet for a traditional tennis vibe: blue shorts, a white crew neck shirt, and a white warm-up jacket.  

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"Nothing's Off the Table" in the Summer House: Martha's Vineyard Season 2 Sneak Peek

“You gotta explain the attire, 'cause I don’t know,” said Noelle Hughley, a newcomer to the house in Season 2.

Nick Arrington wearing a green sweater in front of a light brown backdrop.

“If you guys don’t know who Arthur Ashe is … ” replied Nick, who was practically speechless.

Housemates stared blankly, checked their text messages, and sipped their drinks. 

When asked directly by a producer, Noelle looked stumped. Bria Fleming sought a digital assist from Siri. Amir Lancaster admitted he had “no idea who Arthur Ashe is.” Nick, meanwhile, said that “Arthur Ashe was arguably one of the best tennis players of all time.”

Bria eventually got a version of that same answer from Siri, and when she looked at a picture of Ashe, she observed: “He looks like Nick.”

Guess the costume was a success!

However, during his time in the cosplay spotlight, Nick said, “I’m just here to win championships.”

Led by Shanice Henderson, heckling rose up in the room: “Boo. Get off the stage. Boo. Get off the stage.”

A housemate said, “The people have spoken.” It was game over for Nick.

The Season 2 house also includes Jasmine Ellis Cooper, Jordan Emanuel, Preston Mitchum, Summer Marie Thomas, and Alex TyreeWhat other fun and games do they all get into?

To find out, watch Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard, airing Sundays at 9/8c on Bravo and streaming next day on Peacock.

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