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Unraveling the Mystery of Ubah Hassan's Mr. Connecticut in the RHONY Finale

Here's everything we now know about Ubah Hassan's boyfriend.

By Caitlin Schunn

Just call him Mr. Connecticut. Ubah Hassan’s mystery man remains, well, a mystery, but that didn’t stop the Housewives from spilling all the tea on her new relationship in the Season 14 finale of The Real Housewives Of New York City.

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Although Ubah started the season focusing on modeling and her Ubah Hot hot sauce business over love, her relationship status was exposed at Brynn Whitfield’s birthday party—and Ubah was not happy about it.

Why was Ubah Hassan mad about Mr. Connecticut?

The first whisperings of a love interest came from Ubah herself as she spoke to Sai de Silva while at a group outing at Swingers in Episode 13 of the season.

Sai’s husband, David, asked Ubah about why she’s still single, prompting Ubah to later show Sai something on her phone, adding only, “I’m good.”

Ubah Hassan smiling in a white, lace, gown in front of a bookshelf.

Sai seemed to confirm she was looking at a picture of Ubah and a man, commenting, “Oh, you guys are having so much fun!” Ubah also told Sai she’s “the only one [who knows]” and Sai promised to not “say a word.”

Ubah further implied she might be dating, telling the producers, “Since David is so curious, I’m going to show his wife what is going on in my iPhone … it’s very delicious.”

A producer asked Ubah why she was keeping a secret from the rest of the group to which Ubah replied, “It’s something very new … in the last year or so. I don’t want anyone else’s energy. I just want to make decisions for myself.”

Flash forward to the season finale. Erin Lichy and Sai met up to find masks for Brynn’s birthday party, and talked about Ubah’s seemingly single status.

“She’s fine. She’s very happy,” Sai said to Erin. “She’s in a good place. I mean, she’s dating someone.”

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That opened the door for Erin to ask for more details, but Sai wasn’t willing to spill more.

“That’s none of your business,” Sai replied. “That was like a locked vault. I accidentally found out. She was showing me a photo and there was some photos there. She told me [it’s] someone she’s dating. And she said to me, ‘Please keep this between us.’ I’m upset with myself that I even said this much — that is her personal business, that’s that.”

Sai regretted what she said to Erin in front of the cameras.

“Ubah’s gonna come for my head,” Sai said. “I’m not trying to piss her off. She’s my friend. She told me something that I shouldn’t have said. I feel awful for saying something.”

But it all came to a head at Brynn’s birthday party, when Brynn yelled out to Ubah, “Ubah! I heard you got a man in Connecticut.”

Erin shed more light on how Brynn knew about this mystery man, revealing that she, Sai, and Brynn went to a birthday lunch. Deciding they were in a “circle of trust,” Sai shared more about Ubah’s boyfriend with Erin and Brynn.

“Where he lived,” Erin said. “What he does. So, you can understand my shock when I hear first thing out of Brynn’s mouth is Connecticut.”

The news caused Ubah to decide she was leaving the party.

“The whole thing was confidential,” Ubah said. “So, she must have heard it from Sai. But for Brynn to mention a part of that, I’m just like, ‘Bitch, you don’t deserve a birthday.'”

Brynn defended herself, saying that Sai started it all by revealing Ubah had a boyfriend on camera to Erin.

“Never said where, said you’re dating someone,” Sai told Ubah. “I said, 'It’s not my business. It’s no one’s business. I don’t know who, and I don’t know where.'”

Still, Sai regretted it.

“The difference between me telling Erin about Ubah dating someone on camera — it was a total accident,” Sai said. “I told her and I instantly regretted it. Me telling Brynn? All right, I spilled the beans. I was drinking. I asked her specifically please do not say anything.”

Sai, angry with Brynn, left the party.

“I want nothing to do with Brynn,” Sai said. “Absolutely nothing to do with her. I feel like I let Ubah down. And Brynn let me down.”

Ubah also left the party angry with Brynn.

“Brynn, you’re in the doghouse,” Ubah said. “That is not cool … I’m actually not happy at all.”

Is Ubah still with Mr. Connecticut?

We got an update on Mr. CT at the end of the season finale and learned that he recently crossed state lines to meet the other 'Wives.

Ubah Hassan Wearing a purple dress while being a guest on WWHL.

We got another bit of news on the Sept. 10, 2023 episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen when Ubah told Andy she was “very much in love and content.”

Ubah told Andy that things were “still happening” with her man when she was also on the Sunday, Oct. 8, 2023 episode of WWHL. Andy admitted he himself had met Ubah’s boyfriend, and he was “very handsome, strong, and yes, formidable.”

Will Mr. Connecticut appear on the next season of RHONY?

“That’s a question we’re going to have to ask him,” Ubah said.

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