Who Topped Rachel Zoe's SAG Best Dressed List?

Who Topped Rachel Zoe's SAG Best Dressed List?

She sings the praises of Saldana and Stone, while other Bravo stars push for Pitt.

By Lauren Metz

Hollywood brought out their fashion A-game at the SAG Awards (well, most of them did anyway – did you catch Kristen Wiig's choker nod to Hilary Banks? ). So, whose red carpet ensemble was so mahj?

"Who does everyone think is my best dressed at SAG awards tonight? who is your fave?" Rachel Zoe teased on Twitter. "I have two favorites."

And the award goes to…

"ok ok tweeters.!! you know me well...i LOVED..@ZoeSaldana in GIVENCHY!! Emma Stone in McQueen..stunning!" the boho-chic trendsetter posted

But the real showstoppers proved to be—who else?—Brangelina. "ahhhhh! The one and only Brad Pitt! Need a say more? Well, I must add that he is such a gentleman - he actually opened the car door for Angelina Jolie. Now that is keeper!" The Real Housewives of Miami's Adriana de Moura tweeted about the thunder-stealing couple. "Wow! Angelina is looking so simple yet so beautiful and chic! Not to mention her skin is glowing, but if you have Brad Pitt at home...whose skin would not be glowing?"

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Brandi Glanville agrees (Gerard Butler, be damned). "Brad Pitt looks soooooo young!" she tweeted about the 48-year-old stud who's clearly been sipping from the George Clooney fountain of youth.

Check out our complete SAG Awards fashion best list – Diane Lane! Kaley Cuoco! Michelle Williams! – and our what-the-hell-was-she-thinking nominees.

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